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    Congrats!! I've been here in Nashville for two years and was accepted for MTSA 15-17!! What part of Ga are you leaving behind? I moved up from a small town an hour south of ATL. If you've got any questions about logistics - let me know and I'll try to help!!

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    Thanks for all the replies everyone! Fair point about BLS statistics and so called shortages. It's somewhat of a relief to know that rural jobs are the way to go as a CRNA. Personally, while its nice to visit, I have no desire to live inside city limits or in suburban areas.
    It's certainly a huge professional step, as well as financial investment and I appreciate all of your insights. As such, I am finishing up my application for what I hope to be a July 15' start date. One of the greatest determining factors for me has been time. While all programs of any sort consume our time, and while a CRNA program seemingly requires the greatest dedication on the front end, in the long term term... family, friends and time away from our profession is what is important. I feel like as a CRNA our efforts allow for a healthy work balance which can easily satiate the aforementioned importances. Do any CRNA's out there feel as though this is incorrect and that the profession/work environment consumes you and your life in such a way that these things are placed on the proverbial back burner?

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    I reviewed all the links you provided, and actually had read most of it before hand. So, to answer your question that is the source of my information. The problem I have with this data is the fact that most of the reports are based on projected needs from data collected 10-25 years ago. In the AANA "At a glance" report it suggests current graduates to be 44,000 (3/2014), while the "occupational outlook" suggests a growth of 25% by 2022. A percentage represented by a need for roughly 40,000 CRNA's by 2022. Not of the reports consider recent changes in the healthcare structure. The PDF research document was written in 2006, about 9 years ago, before the current administrations corporate bailouts and various other economic decrees. My take is that the market projections based on this aged data are no longer valid.

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    Im curious what your opinion is on the field being saturated?

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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I'm currently employed at a very well respected Cardiovascular ICU in the South East. I am currently exploring options in regards to advanced practice areas. There are so many options out there it is crazy!! When exploring the anesthesia field, which is what I would like to do more so than any other as it satiates some of the most enjoyable aspects of my current role in CV, I am hesitant. Where my major concern lies is with job growth, supply and demand and the overall economic structure of healthcare. In my own research the Bureau of Labor quotes a poor growth rate for the next few years. Taking that and the fact that here in the SE the market is saturated into consideration, schools are pumping out 2000+ new grads a year and the average CRNA age is mid 40's, I am not left with much confidence in pursuing such an expensive and taxing education. True, if you love it you should do it, but we all want the greatest reward for our efforts. How do you guys see growth continuing? Do you think pay will suffer as a result? Do regulating bodies have the authority to limit schools and student entry? Any opinions or resources on the matter would be much appreciated!

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    Do it. Volunteer. It's not a must to be accepted, but it will help you in the points standing and thats how they decide.

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    Also, you can Google FBI form FD-258. It will pull up the same pdf form they mail to you from the bureau of health. The information that needs to be filled in can be found on the nursing boards website.

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    Hey LMG RN... I got accepted into the adult surgery track.

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    Well my friends, wait list no more... offer came in this A.M and I am stoked!!!!!!

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    I have family in the area and they suggest the Brentwood Area for apartments. Cost of living is not that bad and neither is the commute to the Vanderbilt main campus, about 15 minutes in good traffic.
    I am curious, those of you that got accepted to the various tracks, what are the contingencies regarding you all accepting the position.... deadlines etc? Do any of you know anything about the wait list or how many may be on it?

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    Well, apparently today was the day. Wait listed for the critical care track. Any thoughts as to the number of people on this list?