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  • Aug 13 '12

    Congratulations and goodluck with starting nursing school tomorrow and I hope you will love the experience!
    Nursing school is definitely something you'll never experience before but you will love it!
    And don't worry, you will have a life outside of nursing school as well! Just remember these tips below and you will be fine...time goes by really fast and before you know it, you'll be graduated!

    -Do not procastinate (lol)

    -You must be serious and take pride in your work

    -You don't have to get a 100% in everything, just do the BEST you can

    -Do not engage yourself in all the drama talk, just concentrate on your work

    -Study hard and beforehand but take short breaks in between and don't burn yourself out

    -Do the required homework and if possible try to complete it earlier than the assigned dates, as you may have other priorities

    -Ask questions and get the help if you don't understand anything! The more you ask the more you learn!

    -Keep a close circle of nursing friends

    -Time everything out very diligently

    organized! Keep your daily schedule all planned out and follow it

    -Get to know your instructors

    -If you are stressed out, please find ways to deal with it: Short exercises, yoga, sleeping, running, etc. basically anything that can get the stress out of your system

    -Get proper sleep and eat healthy, DO NOT pile up on the junk food. Eat healthy, rest well and you will do well

    If you do your work, study hard, complete your assignments and do your best, you should have a great time in nursing school. It's not as hard as people say it is, the experience varies from each individual to the other.

    Good luck and I wish you a successful nursing school journey