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    not ALL CNAs are lazy but the ones that are make others paint us ALL with the same brush....I have been called the nurse sitting at the desk on facebook while chatting with the unit clerk... because i try to use my energy wisely...when i go to toilet, shower, feed, change, reposition a patient ...i take a look around me at their room...if it needs trash taken out or linen change done or meal tray removed...I DO IT WHILE I AM ALREADY THERE...i work with other cnas that run constantly to do the same calls out...needs brief changed...cna goes in...oh there are no briefs...out to get ONE...back to room...oh there are no wipes...out to get a pkg...back to room...oh i need some chux...out to get ONE....back to room...oh i need some out to desk...wait for help...

    sorry but this is incredibly frustrating to me...however nurses see her running and think " oh what a great aide she is " meanwhile patient is lying in wet or dirty briefs while she gets everything together to do the task...and said aide is named tech of the year..

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    one of the many reasons i no longer have any desire whatsoever to continue in the nursing profession....the "customer" is NOT always right and since when did healthcare become customer service anyway? One of the reasons our healthcare system is broken

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    took my CNA training through osu...didn't cost me a thing but after i got my license i had to commit to 12 months out of the next 24 in a long term care facility...i'm gonna have to work while i'm in school and i'm wanting experience right? so why not....those 12 months did NOT have to be consecutive months either.

    classes were mon-fri 8-5 for a month...class site as well as clinicals were at grace living center in Jenks

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    deadline for application is February 1

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    Wish the nurses at my facility felt this way

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    I think i just don't want to grow up

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    as a former nursing home aide...we LOVED the kinds of families that were there to provide assistance and comfort to their family member....i had several families that would help not only their loved one but the roommate as well and any other resident they could...also had quite a few of the ones that were there as "watchdogs" to try to "catch" us doing something wrong!!

    There are 50 patients that need hygiene assistance and feeding, dressing, walking, toileting and there is only one of me with maybe another aide on a good day.

    I am currently going through this with my grandparents... They still live in their own home, he is 93 and she is 82....2 weeks ago he fell and broke his arm and things have gone down hill from there...they now have hospice care, and home health...people in their generation do not accept help easily especially with the kind of care he is requiring...

    I now work in a hospital and more often than not the worst cases of "abuse" come from people that are being cared for in the home by loved ones

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    i'm not even a nurse yet and i'm already thinking of leaving healthcare completely!!! Sick of families that think that their loved one is the ONLY patient in the hospital and i had better jump when they need anything! also sick of management that plays favorites among the her employees! I am 39 and the other techs are all in their 20's...just because they are constantly running here and there the nurses and nurse manager have decided that i am the lazy one.... not taking into consideration that my patients have all been offered a bath and if they wanted one have had, the rooms are clean, trash empty, laundry empty and meal trays picked up, and patients are turned q2 and changed when needed. I believe in gathering everything you need before going into a room not running up and down the hall and in and out of the room 14 times because you forgot yes i have a few minutes more to sit down and chart or ....yikes even go to the bathroom!! Sorry for the vent just very very disgusted with healthcare right now!!

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    just don't react...that's what they want!!! I am glad patients can't hear what goes on in the!!!

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    $300 bonus and a $50 gift card to one of the nicer grocery stores in the area

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    we do a family holiday the saturday before christmas...started that before i went into nursing so that christmas day we can open gifts, stay in our pajamas all day if we want and the kids can play with their new stuff and mom doesn't have to try to get everything together to go somewhere. Now that the kids are 16 and 18...if i were to try to wake them early for gifts i would get growled!!
    Our unit puts up a list of holidays in october and you rank which holiday you want off...1 being "i absolutely MUST have this off" to 5 meaning "meh..doesn't really matter to me" If i work thanksgiving I will have christmas off and vice versa.
    Personally i would rather the people with small children have off christmas morning... I have been known to split shifts to make that happen....Now when grandkids come along that may all change!!!

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    only have a cell and work has its very own ringtone...I decide whether i answer it or not!!

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    kids are mostly grown..we usually do a big family gathering the sat before christmas...the hospital where i work is pretty good about alternating holidays...i was scheduled to work thanksgiving last year and off christmas...this year is my year to work christmas

    docs are awesome and usually stay very late discharging as many as possible the days before holidays and then we usually wind up on call for the holiday!!

    That being said...i knew EXACTLY what i was getting into when i started in the medical profession

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    no one may say anything about it but you can bet your behind the people you are helping see it and will in turn walk through fire to help YOU when and if they can!!

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    This is one of the many reasons that i am rethinking nursing school...have been working on pre reqs one class at a time while working full time and raising two kids for 5 years and now thinking maybe nursing is not where i want to sad!!