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    Thank you for your reply!
    I'm a full time student and i have no time to work.
    Is working part time whilst at school is the only way to get a US SSN?
    then, all the international students in CA have to work part time at school to take the nclex because they need SSN to take it?
    I want to know how I can take the nclex as an international student in CA...
    I heard CABON doesn't even accept applicants without SSN
    please help!!!

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    I'm in the RN/BSN track and i heard that CABON requires #SSN to take nclex.
    I have F-1 visa but no #SSN. I did some research on and a lot of people said i need to apply for OPT. but in my knowledge, you apply for OPT before you graduate and once you get the card you have 90days to find a job and 12 months to stay in U.S. if you are hired. also you can apply for the #SSN if you are on OPT.
    the problem is my school is letting us to start taking nclex on last quarter of bsn program, and I want to take the test as soon as i can.
    Do i have to apply for the OPT and get #SSN before I apply for nclex in CA? if so, i wouldn't have time to find a job because I'm sure it will take about 90days from applying for nclex and get licensed. I'm so confused.. what are the steps that international students take to be eligible to take nclex and get their licenses?