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  • Aug 30 '12

    Hello, and Welcome!!

    You are far from the only nurse out there with a history of substance abuse, so take comfort in knowing that there'll be many fellow recovering alcoholics and addicts working beside you during the course of your career. Although I stopped drinking before becoming a nurse and have been sober for over two decades, I'm still actively recovering and will never consider myself "cured" until the day I die. All I can do is continue to stay sober and pay forward the blessings I've received from God, so if you ever need a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on when things get rough, just holler.......I'm right here.

    Congratulations on your NCLEX, new job and sobriety......and "keep coming back, it works!"

  • Aug 4 '12

    I started going to AA meetings in 1989 & have been sober since. I still find it necessary to go to 2-3 meetings a week-not to protect my sobriety but to enhance my serenity. When I miss my regular meetings I start to feel a little "squirrelly"!

  • Aug 4 '12

    For me, I have been going to meetings for 17 year and I haven't had a drink for those years either. Also, I have actually changed. I am not the woman I was - the one who needed to drink just to feel right. I needed a sponsor, steps and meetings...the entire enchilada. There were a few months I tried without. They weren't bad but they weren't great. I wanted great.

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