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    That is funny, but it makes me wonder what the heck happened at your facility that caused them to make this education mandatory.

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    How do you fold silverware?
    . This is also called rolling silverware and it entails assembling the silverware into napkins . This is done at most casual dining restaurants. I used to enjoy it, a moment of zen at the end of my shift.

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    Quote from JC0C0
    This is a safe space!! You're disrupting it, making people feel violated with your words!

    Am I alone in reading this entire post as sarcasm?

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    Even though it was unwanted advice, if it was presented pleasantly she probably thought she was helping you out. In a close knit unit you might be coming off as much more standoff ish than you intend.

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    Quote from ellebee87
    No, the girl who was fired posted it. I feel terrible. I don't discuss work on social media.
    Aside from that, good catch with the MAR.

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    While some of the things you have noticed are suspicious, none are blatant enough to report as diversion. I would only report diversion if I witnessed someone take meds or if they appeared intoxicated. That being said, you could and probably should write incident reports each time the narc count is off.

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    I need to give a shout out to Jadelpn and Gooselady who, for some unknown reason have not yet been mentioned. While I don't always agree, I enjoy almost all of their posts.

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    I find myself humming GNR's Patience all the time @ work

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    I lived in FL for 4 years before I was a nurse, I would not recommend moving there with a family, especially middle school age or older children. Drug activity is rampant in So. FL, there is a reason the Palm Beach County Sheriffs are on every episode of COPS. Not to bash FL too much; it is beautiful, but I definitely would not want to raise teenagers there.

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    Where I work the call bell is on the same remote as the TV. There are 3 buttons, one for the TV, one is the call bell and the one in the middle operates the light. It is not uncommon for a patient to hit the call bell while trying to change the channel or turn the TV on.

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    IMO attending a lingerie party in a hotel open to the public is unprofessional, regardless of which version of sexy the OP dons. The whole point of lingerie is that it is private.
    I am not against dressing sexy and showing off a body one is proud of; but public places require actual clothes. To the OP, congrats on your weight loss!
    Personally, I think a nurse wearing a naughty nurse costume on Halloween is lame and completely unimaginative, it only counts as a costume for non nurses. I love Halloween and use the opportunity to dress up as something that I am not.

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    I love nights. I worked 10-6 for years once my children started school. Nights are actually ideal for parents of school age children- sleep while they 're in school and go to work when they' re in bed. Now that I am working 12 hour shifts, it is a lot harder. My son has football after school and doesn't get home till after I leave for work, so I did not see him for four days this past week. It was awful. Thankfully, football should end in October.
    Some people have a hard time adjusting to night shift, usually these are people who can not sleep during the day (because of sunlight or small children) or who try to switch to day schedules on their days off. Readjusting your sleep schedule every few days can wreak havoc on your body, I don't recommend it.