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    Call me if you have a few minutes. I have too many questions and a quick phone call would be easier. I echo the comments that others have said that you have had your orientation extended. It is no big deal, it shows you have a manager that is supportive and believes in you. The hard part is believing in yourself, that will come in time and grows minute by minute, patient by patient, day by day. Try to chart everything before leaving the patient's room. You WILL be ok

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    44 year old new grad with ADN. I work on a tele unit at a large hospital, the staff loves male RN's, the patients think you're the doctor. Managers like the guys. You'll always be asked to help move heavy patients or open containers. Dude, go for it. Network like hell while in school so you have a job waiting for you. With your wife as an RN you have a huge advantage as she can teach you and help you study. Maybe down the road you would be interested in health-IT systems. WGU has an online degree I think. It's a lot of hard, stressful work...

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    Yeah, don't give a nurse an unlabeled med to give to a patient, and never take an unlabeled med from a nurse. Since you did all the prep with the meds you should have given them, and I'm sure the oncoming nurse would have appreciated it, but don't worry about it. Chalk it up as one of those great learning experiences we all want, the ones where nobody gets hurt.

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    Y'all don't worry. They'll get you through the process. Enjoy your orientation. It's daytime hours, you sit and listen to a lot of stuff, and you get paid Let me know if you have questions...Cali