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    Quote from jammyqt
    I am going to take my certificate exam and I have just realized there is CMA and RMA as a title. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the two and which one is better to get. I am also confused about the AAMA and the NCCT, I am from illinois and I heard the NCCT is only available here.

    Also if anyone knows any helpful study guides for the test lest me know. thanks
    A CMA is for people who have an associate degree for medical assisting. You are certified by the AAMA and CMA's usually hold a higher status than an RMA. An RMA can be taken by anyone that has gotten a diploma for medical assiting, certificate, or 5 years on the job training with no school.

    I would take the CMA because it is more often asked for and more accredited than the RMA at least in the area i live. You must renew your CMA every 5 years and there is continuing education credits. You do not have to renew an RMA but you do have to do continuing education credits every 3 years.

    The CMA is certified under AAMA (American Association of Medical Assisting) and RMA is certified under other medical organizations.

    It is better to have an associates degree in medical assisting than a diploma because you are ablet to obtain extra certificates in further areas of training with this degree.

    Good luck with which ever one you choose.