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    Just an experience but recently we were working on vitals. I had a CNA doing my vitals. She made sure I knew that she was a CNA for over 8 years. When she took my BP her eyes got wide and she shook her head. Then she wrote on her chart that my BP was 159/102! She just smiled and said, "all done, you are a little high." I laughed and said a little high? You might want to call EMS if you think that is my BP! maybe you should try it again. She said, " No, I am a CNA and I know what I am doing." I simply said OK and moved on. She took four other BP's on different students and they all came out "a little high". The instructor finally came over and made her redo all of ours with the instructor listening with another set of ears. My BP was 110/ that is more like it! I am not downing her or the fact that she has been a CNA for years...but this just goes to show that we all have things to learn, even if some have been doing this for years. No worries just keep your head up!

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    Stay very organized! I am an A student but micro almost broke me! I had a very tough professor and he wanted us to take an outside interest to the subject. I struggled until the end. The end was more disease/patient study focused and I aced that part. A&P I&II were a breeze because the subject matter was interesting to me. Cardio in A&P II was the toughest, but I made it through that portion with an A. My advisor was pushing for me to take both together but at the last minute I chickened out. I believe you can do it as long as you are disciplined enough! Keep is all worth it!

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    I completed Pharmacology and Soc. Nursing last semester and begin Intro in one week! I opted for a part time ADN program and so far I do not see anything part-time about it! Picked up my books, syllabus, and course materials the week before Christmas and got my reading assignments the same day. Our 5 hour orientation went well...lots of nervous bodies in that room! Our SNA leaders all came out to welcome us and we have a "tabbing session" with them on Monday were they will go over our books and organize notebooks. I can't believe that it is already beginning! It was 6 months ago that I received my acceptance letter and now that time is here!

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    Obviously we do not have the same opinion on the right candidate and that is OK. But here is a little of my story and why I would never vote for Obama....My husband ran a VERY successful business for almost 10 years. He built it from the ground up with no loans, grants, or any assistance. He worked hard everyday and earned every penny. Obama took office and his business plummeted. Gas prices sky-rocketed, his small business taxes increased almost 25%, insurances increased by 20%, and equipment cost rose about 15%. He closed his business at the end of 2010. Then to top it all off, I received a 3% pay cut, then a 13% increase in taxes, and a wage freeze for two years. All of this because of his policies. My family was middle-class just three years ago, and now we are poverty level. This had nothing to do with bad business practices or financial mess ups on our part either. This is a direct response to Obama making the middle-class pay more. You have your reasons and I have mine. If you had everything you worked so hard for taken away, you would probably feel the same way I do.

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    Actually women make less money under Obama administration. They don't say the raped women have gifts, that is one of the only ways they support abortion...
    I am pro-life and believe that abortion should be limited to only instances of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. - Mitt Romney (This is his quote!)
    I keep asking people to use a fact checker intead of hear-say or media. Sometimes I feel that people only repeat and stand behind something they hear, not what they actually learn. I agree with Obama on some postions, but not enough to persuade my vote. How about facts: He lied about taxes, the economy, healthcare, jobs, Libya, and foreign policies. War with Iraq will not be the worry...if he keeps up with his apologetic and defenseless attitude with the terrorists groups and supporters we will have WWIII right here in our backyard. Read the military reports...he didn't end the war, he sent them to Afghanistan and now Iran is building WMDs!

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    So your post sounds a lot like my professor! My first lecture test tomorrow. He is supposed to be one of the hardest Micro teachers at my school. So far I like him. He seems like he knows his stuff and he covers a lot in the online lectures (I am taking a hybrid course. Half online, half in the lab) Luckily he drops our lowest grade also. I usually do poorly on the first test because I am not sure of the professors preferred testing method. Then I pick up on their "cues" abd do well afterwards. Well good luck on the rest!

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    congratulations!! i know how you feel and understand the efforts put forth to apply. i got my letter just two weeks ago. i thank god everyday for the opportunities he has given me! good luck to you!!

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    I have three seperate orientations. One is online, two are at the college. My program doesn't start until January, but my first orientation is September, then the online one in October, and the final one is two weeks before class actually starts. I also had to meet with an advisor the day i turned in my application and another meeting with the dean of students this past Friday.
    My program is very involved with their students. They help each student academically, personally, emotionally, and even financially. They have programs set in place for all kinds of things. Therapist if you need one, financial assistance for car repairs or utility bills that you can't pay for, job placement for during school and also after graduation, tutors, stress management, even doctors that you can see. All of this at no additional cost to the student. My first two meetings were to cover all of that. I am sure the next three orientations will be more about the class and schedules. It is noce to know that my school offers all of these things, though. It really seems like they care for us to be as successful as possible!

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    I just got my letter of acceptance into our local nursing program! I start Spring 2013. I have been patiently completing all of my pre-reqs for two years...I chose a part time program because it allows me to have more time for the family. It seems to work better for me anyways. I will be attending class/lab/clinicals 3 days a week, year round, for two years. I will graduate at the same time as the full time students entering in Spring 2013. The difference is that I will only be taking 7 credits a semester, including summers. In two weeks I will start Microbiology (one pre req they let me finish after acceptance), pharmacology, and Intro to nursing. I must say that I am quite nervour about taking pharmacology and micro together. Hopefully my background will help me out there.
    Is there anyone else enrolled in a part-time program? i would love to hear from you and what your plans are to get through it!!!