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    The gym was my savior, lost about 30 lbs!!

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    I purchased a prestige medical stethoscope and spyhg before nursing school. However, my school requires each student to purchase a "backpack" with practice supplies from pocket nurse... pen light, thermometer, and a sphyg, however the spyhg was very low quality and made a lot of the students frustrated. I would suggest going with a cheaper version, my stethoscope and sphgy were 20$ each, a two tubed stethoscope. Going for a higher quality could be something you do when you graduate or have an outside job. Also, the extra money could be spent on good shoes.

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    I am an army wife. I did my first two years of nursing school at home, while hubby was deployed. I am now in Hawaii and am taking a break from nursing school until his ETS in June. My sophomore year I definitely struggled while he was deployed... It was tough going the entire length of the school year without him. However, it definitely made me excited for the future for my last two years of school because if a student can work under those types of circumstances, you can do anything!