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    Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a Nurse. It seemed like a fun, exciting job. As I got older, I also thought more along the lines of job stability. I live in California and everyday there is more news on the Nursing Shortage. I knew that becoming a Nurse would be an in demand career. But, the money? I don't think so. $45,000.00 to start is REALLY not enough money for me to "just do it for the money." Like mentioned before, there are many other less stressful jobs that will pay more than that.

    As I am only a nursing student, I would like to say that the sacrifice each and every one of us makes to attend nursing school is pretty big to only be doing it "for the money." I am in an ADN program and having to quit my full time job to get my education. If I were doing it for the money, this would definitely NOT be worth it to me. I love taking care of people, but more than that, I value a career that will be around for many years!

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    Thanks for all the great ideas. You all are giving me some really great ideas. Keep them coming if anyone has more. I LOVE it!

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    In California (at least at my school), you are required to have your CNA before you can get your RN so I have some experience with using a stethoscope for BP but not much else, so take it for what it's worth.

    Don't go bargain on the stethoscope. I also have a Littman but at first I wanted to save a few bucks and bought a really inexpensive model (some unknown brand). It worked good on people with a strong and bounding heatbeat but I had an extremely diffiicult time hearing with other people (such as older patients).

    I know that All Hearts ( has a good sale on Littmans and you don't ned to get the top of the line, I think the Classic or Select are popular, as some others have posted.

    There is nothing worse than being tested for a skill and your stethoscope isn't picking up a heatbeat. You know the patient has one....right?

    My school has a fundraiser where the upperclass nursing students sell Littmans for a good price. Check with your school to see if they do anything like that!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this, but I have been reading everyone's posts for information and for a laugh or two (Thread: You know you are a nursing student when...)
    I have been accepted to start the ADN program in August 2005. Right now I work Full-Time and I have been my sole provider of money since I was 19. The school I am attending recommends that you work less than 20 hours per work to be successful in the program. My current job needs me full-time so I will be quitting in June.

    However, I am still going to need Income. I will be getting $10,000.00 a year (to repay) from the Stafford Loan. Realistically, and I hate to be ungrateful, I am going to need more than that. Who can live off of that for a year? And it is only supposed to be used for school expenses - but everything will be a school expense for me! :chuckle

    Anyone have ideas for additional places for me to look for loans? Until I get IN the nursing program, it appears as though grants and scholarships won't be available to me. Besides that, I am a busy 28 year old and I am not a "community leader" or anything like that.
    Anyone have ideas on ways to make a little cash (under the eye of the IRS) while I am IN school? I don't need to make a ton of cash, as I don't want to jeopardize my meager financial aid.
    I have thought of babysitting, or tutoring kids? Stripping? No, seriously...anyone with ideas???

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    Hi This is my first post! Seems kind of confusing but I am sure I will get used to it!

    I am 28 years old from Ventura, CA. I will begin the ADN program in Fall 2005. I am single with no children. I work Full-Time right now but will be leaving so that I can focus 100% on school. I'll be poor, too....but it will be worth it in the end!