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    Hello, always nice to hear when a nurse is interested in Psych.... I have been a Psychiatric Nurse since 1982. This specialty has allowed me to work in various locations and with all developmental levels of patients. If you realize it or not,you are already "doing" psych nursing where you are now.... we can not seperate mind/body of our patients. We are integrated beings and if one area is affected... so is another!! I would suggest a literature review and perhaps crosstraining to the specialty area you are interested in. This will give you some insight without losing the positon you currently have. Lots more I could say and will at another time.

    peace to you and yours

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    I have been in all areas of nursing over the last 24 years ... each carries its own frustration and joys. Solutions,presented in written form to our administration,showing the loss/profit margins of a suggestion, have been helpful in solvig our staff problems. I absolutely believe we can be better helped when we pull together and present in force those ideas... Being a nurse is who I am not what and i dont know as I could ever be anything else!!! Thanxs for allowing me to share.