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    Hi Jeff. Welcome to the brotherhood. I was a medical assistant and wanted to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement my employer offered. Called around (this was 1992- before I had internet access). The ADN school never called back, the LPN school did. Took 3 years, 2 nights/week and every other weekend (usually only takes 2 years, but this was easier on the brain and got me 3 years of reimbursement). Finished school when I was 31. Saved enough lives now- working on a master's in healthcare management. I'll be 43 when I finish. My advice: get an IT job in a hospital, let them pay for night school.

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    There are good people and idiots in the world, and the letters after their names have little to do with which category they fall into. Personally- when I get the "why didn't you go to RN school?" attitude, I reply with "why aren't you a short, middle-aged Irish guy?" and very few of them are smart enough to understand that I mean that only foolish arrogance would presume that the life path of one person must be the correct one for somebody else. Anyway, I'm working on a master's degree in management now, so will that entitle me to give the BSN's attitude? Nah- I just can't be that petty. Life's too short.