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    I was in my 40s before I finally realized my dream of becoming a nurse, however I had worked in radiology previously so I had an idea of what I was getting into. I agreethat the best thing is to shadow a nurse so you can see what the day to day is really like. Personally I do enjoy bedside nursing and encourage others to join the profession but you have to know if it is for you.

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    I graduated from nursing school two years ago, and we never had to ask patients personal questions, especially concerning their finances, to do care plans. Most information is already available in their charts anyway. Just remember if you ask personal questions you do open the door for personal questions to be asked of you.

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    Be encouraged, you probably did better than you think. I also had a ton of sata, priority questions, and who knows what else!! I felt as if i didnt know anything!! I did do the test because I couldn't stAnd not to know, and got the good pop up, found out two days later I had passed. You probably did fine!