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    Quote from ABN85
    Hey everyone! I was accepted into the Spring 2013 class as well. I'm looking into housing and will be looking for a roommate, so let me know if anyone is looking too. CONGRATS to everyone who was accepted!
    I am looking too! Im deciding whether or not to live in university city or near Drexel med campus .. Depends on $$$ I guess :/

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    Quote from shawna23
    Hello Again.

    So I am trying to get a private loan for this program. Only problem is almost everyone says I have to wait at least 3-6 months before the program starts to apply for loans. We all know that we have a 60 day period to give a final answer as to whether or not we accept. How are the rest of you dealing with this dilemma?

    Can anyone suggest private loans that they are using? I am just in over my head and I want to go to this program so bad, but I DO NOT want to be stuck paying for tuition and not have a means to pay.

    Anyone else in this situation??
    Hi Yea I emailed the finaid advisor and she said they it's best to apply for loans in January. I decided to attend Drexel and I'm hoping that I can get most of my loans from the direct parent plus one..

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    Quote from pocomoke
    Congratulations to all those who have been accepted to Drexel ACE program!
    Just got accepted to Drexel ACE for spring 2013- awesome.
    Just wondering- what is the average that FAFSA is giving out? and, are we eligible to apply for FAFSA for two academic years seeing that we will do 2012-2013 (for the first quarter in April) and 2013-2014 (for all other quarters from Jun '13 to March '14?) anyone with any idea about this?
    I think I got like 5000? In stafford loans .. But that is all and yea u can apply twice for fasfa the bill for now is only for the first two quarters..( April to August? I think ?) I just know I have to pay half for now

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    Hi I tried to look u up on my phone too but your name wouldn't show up .. My name is Donna so please add thanks for creating the group!! )