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    After Thursday, I'll have taken both American Red Cross AND American Heart Association-- because I didn't realize there were options. Now I'll be a CPR expert. :P

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    I start my ADN this fall... I'll be 43 when I'm eligible to sit for my RN exam. I'm excited to bring all my life experience to the bedside in helping my patients to heal.

    We are an awesome asset to this field!!

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    I concur with your research, you will ultimately have to get a second Bachelor's Degree. If you are like me though, and want to get started on your new path sooner rather than later, you may find a program that lets that happen. For me its ADN, then BSN while I'm back to work. For you, it may be accelerated BSN if you can wait an extra year to enter the workforce.

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    iPads were the recommendation at my school, but there was mention of an comparable large platform android tablet, excluding kindle and nook.

    Having worked in construction where I literally watched hand-drawn plans become ancient history in the face of Computer Aided Drafting and in secondary education where platforms like Edmodo deliver assignments and quizzes directly to students through their hand held devices; it won't be long before pencil, paper, textbooks and highlighters will all but disappear. We just happen to be at the beginning of the movement. Who can guess what gadget will be required when my 3 year old goes off to college?? For those that relish the smell of textbook ink and a rainbow palette of highlighters, you still have a little time left

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    @HouTx Not a huge eReader gal, but I guess I'm going to be! Thanks for the advice on the keyboard, sounds like the perfect accessory.

    @classicdame I'm all for streamlining equipment too!

    The amazing thing to me about this "little" revelation, was that they sprung it on us at orientation. Several people had purchased, or received as gifts, brand new laptops. I felt bad for them. At least iPad have gone way down in cost recently.

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    How fast our world is changing... When I got my BA in the early 1990s, the internet was just a weird peripheral idea. Now ALL of our nursing school's textbooks will be delivered online through the format. A lot of the orientation group groaned and grumbled at the added cost. I'd planned on buying a new laptop, so it sounds good to me. Its going to do amazing stuff-- multi-text searches for research topics; interactive notes and highlighting that can be shared with classmates; built-in flashcards, reactive illustrations, quizzes. It collects data on your study habits and makes recommendations. It collects all of your highlights and notes into a journal. All of your books can be accessed online without expiration.

    I'm pumped!!!

    My husband is going to be pumped that I won't be dragging another truckload of books into the house. I'm thrilled to be part of this pilot group in my ADN program. We will be set up to dovetail into the rapidly changing tech demands.

    I'm in the Hybrid program and will attend labs and clinicals three days per week and watch lectures online. I wasn't listening as well as I should; trying to take the whole iPad trip in. I took pictures of key slides and notes about what was said. So I guess I can study that over summer as I wait to Fall to hurry up and get here!!!

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    The experience and networking would be great. I understand your reluctance though, leaving the family on the weekends is not the best feeling.

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    Congrats and welcome! I'm also going the ADN route to start.

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    Congratulations!!! I'm right beside you-- orientation 4/30/ start date August 22... Can't wait!!!

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    Great News!!! Excellent.

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    Fabulous! Keep up the awesome work

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    Fantastic!!! Wonderful News!

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    I come from a long line of worriers!!! I feel your pain When I started teaching for the first time, I tossed and turned for weeks-- then I took Tylenol PM. That sounds awful, but it worked. You sound like a contentious person, I'm sure you will cover all the bases, exude and air of calm and control that will soothe your doggie and daughter....

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    Have you told your school that you won't be back? That's my next concern. I wonder if I should wait until the end of the school year, after my nursing school orientation, or sooner. Don't want to burn bridges, but don't want to show my hand too early...

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    Are you in nursing school still or have your started working as a nurse already? How long did you teach?