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    Quote from nesher
    Just one more thing.

    Our OR/NICU areas get scrube provided for them.
    We all wear our own-but if we were coated in some type of nastiness - you bet we get a pair of OR scrubs to change into - and yes sometimes those OR scrubs get woven into the wardrobes of nurses. They are pretty comfortable. I've slept in my OR type scrub pants!
    If I come home late from the hospital and just don't have the energy to change my scrubs make the best p.j. bottoms ever.

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    Please excuse my spelling/typing....I've been up all night working. Nosebleed

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    I'm learning that there is the "proceedural way" and then there is the pracical way....what a difference.

    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    No treatments are done 11-7 unless it's a new skin tear that needs to be steri-striped. All our skin checks are done weekly on shower days which are 7-3 or 3-11. Have to agree about the times for Synthroid. Our local hospital still gives Synthroid at 8 or 9, but our consultant is a fanatic about empty stomach. Do y'all think these people are going to set their alarm clocks at home to take their meds?!?