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    Is this an online program? If so I have heard that are a lot of problems with preceptorship. Is this so of this university? And how about the price?

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    Are there any CNS programs out there that are not so expensive? I want my Master's in this not just education.

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    I'm a new educator in nursing. I've been assigned to co-teach with an instructor who does not prepare. It is large class of twenty-seven students. Are there any strategies for teaching medical-surgical I nursing for LVN students?

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    Hello I'm a VM instructor and have been recently introduced to ATI. Integration of the ATI material in class has not been required but I do know that ATI prepares you to take content exams given by us and prepare the VN student for boards. ATI does provide a tutorial which guides you through the process. Time is of the essence so make sure you ask any questions that come up In order to utilize the tool effectively.

    I went through health care starting as a certified nursing assistant, LVN, then RN. we did not have such a tool and wish it was available. With all that is require to be a safe practitioner, any tool that will help with boards the better. Of course there may be many who don't agree but at the end is the day it is opinions, right?

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    I'm a BSN prepared nurse here in California and are very interested in the results of your research. Will you submit the findings with the nursing community? Or if not how can I find out? The research should be very interesting. Good luck.