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    Congratulations!!!!! Same here I passed with 265 question.... It was my first time to take It And I put it all in God's hands and I did it..

    Have more faith!!! God Bless you all

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    Quote from PamUK
    ...and I remember, as a little girl, being told that women were sent to the garden shed during menstruation because they were "unclean"... Anyone heard of that one?

    I've encountered that in the Bible ( OLD testament) when a women is menstrating she's considiered "unclean">> but really dunno the reason behind that,,..

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    hi to everyone.., I graduated may 2004 and passed the NCLEX April 2005.. SO glad to passed the boards..

    Nurse's ROCKS!!!

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    Welcome fellow filipina nurse....

    Nurses Rocks!!!

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    Quote from tramalady45
    Wages depend highly on the institution. I got one job offer in a major city and they only paid $22 an hour and that was about an hour to one and a half hours commute in one direction! Then at the hospital I am currently at in San Bern. county I am being paid $23.78 as a new grad and it is only minutes from my home but then I recieved another job offer from another place as a trauma/ER nurse and as a new grad they are willing to pay $3 an hour more plus a $2 an hour night differential and an addition $2 an hour for specialized units such as ER, plus 14 paid holiday (my job only offers 7) and 2 weeks vacation and awesome health benefits. Now I am in a bind because I am unsure which to take. There are so many good hospitals close by and they all offer so many different things which can make your decisions harder. Be careful though if you move to SanBernardino. Some areas are dangerous (don't mean to offend anyone, I am just a safetly fanatic!) and that is why their rents are semingly cheaper. Rancho cucamonga is really nice and there are some beautiful apartments but it tends to be pricey. Good luck!

    I think Rancho cucamonga is the place we'd be going to.. what are the nearest hospital in that area?

    Is it a really rough place to live in?..,.. getting confused and scared, hehe... thanks guys

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    Quote from shodobe
    I work at one of the hospitals you mentioned. We have a large contigent of Phillapinas(?) here so you will feel right at home. My two PACU nurses are from the islands as well as the CNA that works with them. Four of the anesthesiologist are from your part of the world, so you see it will be like at home in a sense. There are quite a number on the floors as well. It is true that whatever department you apply for will determine what certs you will need or will be required to get. As far as how many patients you will be taking care of, I really don't know but with the new ratios it can't be too high. Salaries, I am not sure but I am sure it is more than a hundred dollars a month! You can PM me to ask any other questions. Good luck, Mike

    oh really wow... which hospital do you work at???

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    Quote from Gomer
    OK, I have some stupid questions....1. do you have a CA RN license?, 2. what is your visa status, 3. have you been offered employment by a US hospital?

    hey gomer... yes I have a CA RN license, I'm an american citizen but lives all my life in the Philippines(half american/half fil) just graduated last apr. 2004 and passed the NClex last apr. 2005... I did not take CGFNS/IELTS since CA dont require them... ANd No, i wasn't offered any employment yet in US.. Ive been looking online for jobs....

    Is it advisable to just apply personally or it's practically same applying online?? I'm having a hard looking online cuz most of the requirements are 1+ years of experience...

    thanks ya'll for the infos!!! *hugs*

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    kool joke!!!! chuckle


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    Well those situations I said were of the government hospitals here, there are private hospitals who cater good quality care.. It's just that a lot of people are in the lower class which makes it hard for them to be confined in a private hospitals with great facilities,... It costs big fortune to be in a private hospitals around here..

    Nurse's Salary range are extremely low here.. imagine starting salary is 4,000 pesos and if you were to convert that to dollars it won't even amount to a hundred dollars..... that's how low it is.. that's why nurses from here are eager to apply in US to work cuz they pay good money.. With that 4000 pesos a month isn't enough to even pay for a rent.. it could only be used for allowance...

    Nurses are also needed here in the Philippines, the board of nursing here is thinking of atleast having to work and stay for 2 years before nurses leave and go abroad whish is a good Idea... But then some well experienced and even inexperienced filipino nurses here due to financial needs and commodities are forced to go abroad... Who would want to leave their home-town and loveones just to earn... I, for one really don't wanna leave the Philippines but since I got to move on and start with my life, I need to work and earn so as I can help my family also..

    Thanks for the info..... I'm glad I found this forum.. THanks guys?!?


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    yeah I know ITS WAY different from here.. Because our country is poor especially the government hospital You see two patients in the OB ward (post CS) sharing one bed, nurses barely do aseptic tech, uses one syringe for that same medication all through out... Only 2 nurses with 1 nurse's assistant to one ward ( there are no LPN/LVN in our place) take note sometimes pediatric ward goes up to 120 patients and Medical ward goes up to 100 patients in a day, imagine all the IV meds and monitoring with only 2 nurses.... When I was a student I had 5 maximum patients, I couldn't imagine myself working on that hospital handling one ward with another co-nurse... There is really NO quality care... No nothing... I pity my patients not only bec. they don't recieve quality care but their lives are at risk...

    People in our place lack knowledge regading their rights...

    thanks ya'll for the info//

    anyone has an idea of the starting salary of a new grad nurse in san bernardino???


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    Quote from spacenurse
    BCLS is CPR.
    ACLS is Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
    It is important to know basic cardiac rhythms to pass it.
    Iwouls make sure to get the promise of a complete orientation before choosing a hospital.

    Mandatory classes such as BCLS and ACLS should be part of that orientation.


    hey thanks alot.. that helped.. SO basically i need to learn basic cardiac rythms.... THe hospital will give mandatory classes for those... ... thanks again>> *hugs* mmuwahhs

    How many patient census do they give if you're a fresh grad or rather with zero exprience ... I heard of supervisions and training but for how long?? Do they have evaluations?? hehe, I really have no idea since I'm gonna start out from scratch.. I didn't consult for any agencies ( I graduated here in the Philippines)since I'm american citizen and my dad said it's better for me to just apply on my own....

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    hi to everyone.. I need help... I've been searching online for hospitals in San Bernardino and I found 3 hospitals... 1. COmmunity hosp. 2. Saint bernardine medical center and another one which I forgot,,,.. I still dont know which hospital will I apply for since I'm still uncertain where exactly in Sn bernardino will I stay..

    what is acls and bcls?? I have no idea.. Sorry for my ignorance..
    I heard they require those certain certification.. and How do I get those>? DO hospitals nowadays cater them or you need to take courses for those??? sorry again for asking so many questions... please help me out,,...

    I have no current experience and i'm kind of worried about the job application and all, Im also terrified being away from home, I'd be travaelling with a friend of mine who's also a nurse.. I have my IV therapy training here but have no Idea if it is accredited there in CAlifornia...

    I'll wait for ur replies.. Please Help


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    Pray hard... Good luck on the results.. if u deserve to pass you will.. If HE thinks its meant for you then it will happen..

    God bless>>>

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    whoa!!! wow>>> im speechless, what an amazing story..

    ~~God has plans and even if you have those ups and downs, he'll still be there no matter what.... everything has a purpose, evrything happened to you and all the obstacles... PAYED OFF!!! ur a survivor... U GO GIRL!!

    We are all so proud of you..... in behalf of this forum.... i could imagine how happy and fulfilled you are....

    You will be an inspiration to everyone...