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    FaithGurl, your post really touched me. Reading between the lines it sounds like there's some fear involved...Afraid of disappointing people, afraid of RN responsibility. C'mon girl... Your "FaithGurl" not "Feargurl"!!! Don't be afraid of trying to go for what you really want. And for pity's sake, if your mom wants to help...Let her!

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    Quote from OnlybyHisgraceRN
    That nurses' behavior have NOTHING to do with LPNS. Got it?
    I agree. Not sure why this thread is titled RN vs LPN... Being bullied in the workplace sounds more appropriate.

    Personally, I admire the nurses I work with that are not only dedicated to their patients, but have a sense of loyalty to their coworkers... without regard to what initials follow the name. Obviously, what this coworker is doing to you is wrong.

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    Quote from Forever Sunshine
    An open mind, a boatload of patience and lots of pens. A bottle of water and snacks wouldn't be a bad idea either.
    Also, a maxi pad or a poise pad ... lunch is sometimes "ify" depending on how many orders you have to pull...

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    $20+ LTC in S.C. apparently, I'm a cheap date

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    The hottest trend in our country: "Doing less with more". It's permeated health care and it shows.

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    When I was in nursing school, I wasn't exactly sure what field I wanted to get into... I did say that I was sure I didn't want to work in a "nursing home" (though most are now called health centers or rehabs). Joke was on me. As it turned out, that's where my heart was... and is. I love that nursing offers all of us the chance to try different things and discover where are best fit is.

    I'll be honest, it is a tough, demanding job. Sometimes your residents are confused and strike out. Sometimes family members are disappointed in some aspect of care and express it LOUDLY. Sometimes your CNAs grumble about other CNAs who they feel are getting away with murder.

    Truth is: Sometimes your resident's confusion scares them... they know "something" isn't right and they just can't express it... they need hugs and a cup of coffee... and a tissue. Sometimes family members are complaining because they feel guilty about not being able to care for their own loved one and having to break the promise they made to their mother/father long ago by admitting them to a facility. Sometimes your CNA just needs to know that their own good work IS noticed and appreciated and that you are counting on them to help the weaker CNA by setting a good example and pitching in when needed.

    ... and that was all just in today's shift :0)

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that in a LTC field, there is not just the chance to practice nursing, but also to share love and express compassion on a daily basis.

    Congratulations on graduating and passing your boards and best of luck to you!

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    Had my patient's med sent to another facility...yep, it happens. I try to get the meds reordered the first day it's permitted. That said, if the cupboard is bare I'll do what I have to... Borrowing isn't stealing if the med is replaced. Let me add that I've worked hard to develop a rapport with the pharmacy staff...if I need something fast, they'll bring it.

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    Quote from jrwest
    seems we cant retrain anyone. family members dont want their person tied up, yet they do nothing to assist in keeping them safe. Im just really tired of not having any control, yet being at blame. oh, they are this way becaue they are 99 years old with severe dementia, and someone decides to cath them, or put pacers in, etc etc. nice- art line with confused, unretrained pts. while i hope none of the other pts bleed out because i had to it 1;1 with the confused uncontrollable ones. This angers me to no end. I wish I could have some thorazine!!!!!
    My doctor came in for rounds and I looked him in the eyes and said, "you need to write an Ativan script for mrs. Dementia patient OR me... I'll accept either" ... He wrote it (for her, not me lol)

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    Wow! I'd love a copy of that Thorazine ad for my medroom...