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    Home health nurse for 6 years. currently making $19.20/hr, 3 days a week with partial benefits. I do pay per visit on my days off $25/visit, $35/IV, $50/admission. I have to work every other weekend but I don't have to be on call. Less stress than the hospital, I love it but my car is suffering from multiple miles. There are not alot of career options in Northeastern North Carolina as a nurse, but the weather, food, ocean and people make up for it!

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    Mandy I'm an RN with 3 children and have found the hours flexible where ever I have worked. When I worked at the hosp. I worked 7p-11p so other nurses could work 12 hr shifts and my husband could watch the kids. Now I am a home health nurse and until recently did pay per visits at my convenience, now that all my kids are in school I work 8-2 doing telemed and quality control. I have also worked many weekends and holidays trying to help the full time nurses whenever I can. Hope this helps, where there is a will theres a way!