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    I take my chronicity exam thrusday, and I have taken practice exam 1 and got a 50 something on it. I studies my weakest points. Took practice exam 2 and got a 68. I haven't studied the nclex review book yet cause I wasn't sure where to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have made c's on the last 3 exams and would like a better grade but will take a c lol! Thank you all for your time!

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    I totally agree! I wish I would have done more research but was pressured by my work to get in a program and so I signed up with Rue which is similar to college network and I regret it!!! I owe them $5000 and that's on top of the money that goes to excelsior directly!!! I am currently just doing excelsior and have found their material much better as well!! Good luck and ur smart to look into it before signing! I wish I had!!!!

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    Thanks for the great advice! I am going to take chronicity August 16th and I'm nervous! I will def start using my prep books!!

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    I totally agree with you! I have been an LVN on a transplant floor and we work with the number 1 liver and kidney transplant programs in texas and in the nation! I love all my patients, and I work with an awesome team of seasoned and new nurses. Its always nice coming to work knowing that yes we will get our confused ESLD patients but that in the end everyone is alway so greatful that we were there for them! Its great knowing that your patients appreciate what you do for them at their worst! Great Post!

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    Good luck! Can't wait to get to take my NCLEX-RN! The NCLEX-PN was nerve racking I can only imagine how the RN version will be! But you sound pretty prepared! Thanks for telling us about the Nclex app!

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    I made the mistake of signing with Rue which is similar to tcn and I hated it! I am abandoning them and just continuing with excelsior only! So far the content guides practice exams and other resources seem to be working much better for me! Good luck!