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    Hello all,

    So I know it may seem a little early, I am a freshman in college working towards my Bachelor's in Nursing, to become an RN. Since day one, I had decided that Australia was the place I would want to work in and live in. I just have a few questions about the whole visa process. I have done my research but it seems that all the research in the world couldn't answer all the questions I have.

    For starters, how long would it take for my visa to be approved under the Skilled Workers Visa? Also, would I be able to apply for my visa right after graduation and start working overseas asap? My plan is to start working as soon as I possibly can, but I would like to know if there are any further requirements other than the bachelors in Nursing in order to start working. ie, work experience. I have three cities in mind, in regards as to where I would like to live: Canberra, Melbourne, or Adelaide. Which of these cities is the best for nursing? The best all around?

    Any help, comments are appreciated.