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    When my fiance and I were just dating, she was a pharmacy student. I didn't get the need to have all the study time she required and I didn't understand the close relationship she had with guys from the class... But as a little time went by and our relationship grew (meaning love, trust, understanding, etc. grew), I learned how much work and time were required to be devoted to studying and how important the support from her peers was to her. It wasn't important to her because she wanted the attention from male classmates or anything like that, it was important because she was working very hard for her doctorate and once we were engaged, very hard for OUR future!

    Now I'm on the study group side of the equation, changing careers to nursing, and she has graduated. I'm going into a field of predominantly women and she knows how much time and support I'll need from my peers. While she may have a complete understanding of what it takes, it's ultimately up to me to MAN UP and not give her any reason to be jealous or do anything that would harm her or our relationship.

    If anyone is dealing with this issue, the best defense is an early attack. Love, trust, understanding. You have to get these issues on the table and work them out or they'll crush you in the end.

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    The honeymoon my amazing wife will have been waiting for since I am starting school a month before we get married, ha!

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    I'm 29, starting nursing school this fall. Changing careers from managing a bank... wanted to do something more rewarding! Hoping I have at least a few guys in my class...

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    Anyone here have orientation on the 18th at noon at the Shelby Campus?