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  • Jun 21 '15

    I chose nursing because I truly wanted to spend quality time with my patients and their family. I feared at first that I would be looked down upon with nursing as a career, but I was wrong. The face of nursing is changing. I am proud to represent my patients and answer both their major and minor questions. Nursing is expanding with higher degrees available so that gives me confidence to out run the know-it-all physicians that refuse to even listen to nurses ideas or instinct. Nursing is highly professional and extremely flexible. I have no second thoughts about being a RN. We've moved away from doing just "bed pans and urinals" It's time for nurses to be recognized for their accomplishments. If I have a choice between my family doctor or nurse practioner, I will choose the practioner because you get the facts and the emotional support-besides, they're less expensive to visit. Nurses are healers and heroes! Love them all!

  • Sep 10 '14

    That process was really... I don't know what term to use! Haha. So if they are going to inform the second batch passers this week, we have tomorrow until Friday (or Saturday) in waiting for their text! Are they prioritizing those fresh grad? I graduated and passed the boards on 2012. Anyway, thanks aryann0916 for the info.

  • Sep 3 '14

    yey..Finally my training starts on october 20. Any idea about the training? should I take IVT or als/bls before october 20? thanks