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    Quote from sarahnf
    ...a 21 year old ....missed a couple of days and gotten behind... VERY nervous about doing things in front of other students, and I mean extremely nervous. Is there any way to get over this?? ....nursing pops in my head... Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Hey wassup. My name is Mark and i'm 21 as well. Right now i'm currently attending a LPN course. I've already completed the CNA portion and wow that was a learning experience. One thing i've learned is take one day at a time. If you're ever afraid or just overwhelmed take a deep breath and think how much nursing will help you and others as well. Write down tasks if you're behind and take it step by step. I agree with lizscott your classmates should help you out if you ask. I mean they're in there for the same reasons too. Everyone has been where you've been, shooot i'm still in that position but just in the LPN portion. I still get nervous in front of people when doing presentations so what I do is try to make it fun. Just like your job. If you don't like your job you're goin to hate it. If you make things fun you'll learn to love it. Good luck. Hope this helps.