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    I am trying to get into the LPN program at a community college after working for a semester towards rad tech (too competetive). There are only so many spots in all of the programs at our colleges, but more in the nursing field than radiology. I have all my pre-reqs and then some, but took my LPN pretest 2 days after deciding to switch and didn't pass the science. So I didn't get accepted into the program for fall. I am aiming for spring semester now. But I have heard we have to work 1 year as LPN's before we can go on to RN's (which is what I really would like to do) But I have a 2 yr old and really need to start making money. So I guess this is my goal. I was hoping to be completely done with school in 2 years. By the way I will be 31 in Sept. I am kicking myself in the butt for not going to college after high school!!!!

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    I took LPN pretest once now and passed everything except science, any advice on a good source to study for the next time I take it?