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    that's crazy. i do not think that patients should be treated differently due to financial contributions to a hospital. all patients are created equal in my book....

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    i would def. report it. this nurse should not be working with patients and has not been reprimanded to the extent that she should have been. if the don refuses to do anything further about the situation, i'd take matters into my own hands. good luck and tell us what you have decided to do~ :angel2:

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    hi cardiacrn2006,

    i live in nj and i graduated from nursing school last may. i've been working at a pediatrician's office since i graduated, but i wanted a hospital nursing experience. when i decided to apply to nearby hospitals, they considered me a new grad even though i've been out of school for a year since i lacked hospital experience. i was recently hired for the neonatal intensive care unit at a major medical center. so, yes, a new grad is able to be hired into a critical care area. i have to admit that i did come across some difficulty getting on the nicu unit since most hospitals want nurses with experience, but you will be able to locate a hospital that is willing to hire new grads on these units. good luck! :angel2:

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    hello fellow nurses!

    my name is cristin and i am new to this forum. i am fairly new at nursing as well...i graduated from nursing school last may. i just accepted a job in the nicu and i'm so nervous! i think i'm more excited than nervous so that's a good thing. i look forward to meeting new people, especially nurses. i hope we can both learn from each other.