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  • May 11

    I think times have dont necessarily need to have clinical experience to become a case manager. It also depends on the setting of a CM. For example, you can go into workers comp or work with other insurance companies who need CM. As it is, its tough getting jobs as a new grad. If you have a business background like I do, have worked in corporate for 10 yrs, I think I would be a good fit for CM. Its an old school thinking that a new grad must work in a hospital before they do anything else out in the field. If you cant get anything in a hospital and you have an opportunity to work as a CM or LTC or Home care, might as well take the job, get experience and move forward. I am tired of constantly people trying to grill in our heads, Oh you must work in an acute setting before you do anything else...if you have a background in something that can help you be a better nurse in another area, then definitely apply. I am getting more calls to do CM or Home health care jobs vs. hospitals. And to be honest, I am not too keen about bedside nursing. I like the business/problem solving side of it and probably will go off and go into technology/informatics because thats been my background. Good luck and do not give up...

  • Jul 6 '17

    So today I called them up and I told them that I really need my license cause I need to find a job. I am unemployed, need money badly and have a ton of student loans, please help me...I even said, I am begging you to please process my license. Guess what, today they released my number and I will have the paper license in 7-10 days and they gave me my number on the phone. I started the process on Dec 19 and I got the number today on Feb 11. Its all about persistent and having faith in God!!