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    Hey everyone,
    I took my NCLEX at 8am this morning and I'm pleased to report after 75 questions, my exam ended! I checked pearsonvue and I get the good pop up. all good things! I def. passed

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    wow thank you so much for the advice. I'll keep you all in my prayers too. Hopefully by next monday I'll post on here saying I have the good pop up and then by next wednesday report back that I've passed!

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    So I'm taking the NCLEX in a week. I've reviewed Hurst, went through Kaplan classroom and have been doing the online coursework as well. I've done all the question trainers; I got a 60% on my diagnostic test and a 57% on my readiness, and did all the Q bank questions with a 58%. Sample exam #1 I got a 64 but on the second one I got in the I ready for this test? or is this really just luck of the draw here? Has anyone else felt their confidence break the week before the test? Would you reschedule your test or just go for it?
    Thanks for the help,