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    Hi, this may be a silly question but I have no idea!

    I am going to CNA school in order to help my chances of getting into nursing school and I have questions about scrubs and shoes.

    New care directions said any color scrubs are fine. After school I am going to try very hard to get a job in a hospital in Portland and not a nursing home. I am just wondering if the hospitals in Portland have dress codes on the color of scrubs. Any imput would be great. Which also applies for shoes. I was planning on buying white dansko clogs. does anyone know if certain shoe color is specific around jobs in the Portland area? Thanks for your imput I really appriciate it!

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    Hey. I was just wondering if anyone knew other places besides PCC to take CNA classes? I would greatly appriciate the advice.

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    i wish i knew more of the criteria from linfield. i didn't find out until about 2 weeks ago that a friend of a friends dad is the director of the linfield nursing campus. i also have a degree as of this spring in community health education! plus in my essay i wrote about a life experiance that my advisor said would help me get into school. doesn't it make you wonder what people have in their essays that make them so much more qualifiable? i wounder how many people were turned away.

    i am a very strong believer that everything happens for a reason and i will never give up! i have wanted this for too long to quit now!

    i hope but a whim of luck that ohsu works out for you.

    i wish i would have looked at this site years ago, i have learned so many important things and i just started looking.

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    Thanks guys. Its so nice to hear about people who have been in my shoes. I felt like the only one rejected, eventhough there are so many, everyone around me that I know has been excepted on the first shot. My GPA is a 3.4. I'm going to take a few classes over and try to boost my GPA. I have a few plans but I am going to wait till I get into my advisors office next Tuesday.

    My biggest question at this moment is whether to try and get any type of job at a hospital or get my CNA and then work somewhere. Any suggestions? thanks

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    Hi guys, I'm new to this site and I just wanted to say that I applied to Linfield and I didn't get in. I just wanted to vent for a moment because I am so upset. I think I am mostly sad because I have a friend that was accepted and I wasn't. I'm happy for her but at the same time a bit upset because I have wanted to be a nurse my whole life, there is nothing else in this world I could see my self doing. And my friend just decided this year she wanted to be a nurse. I'm just upset and I needed to vent it to others that might know how I feel. I feel lost, and I am upset I have to wait a whole year to reapply. I wish there were interviews to get into school.