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    Hi all,
    I'm a 22year old, soon-to-be RN and I got my final nursing results a few weeks ago. Delighted to say every I've passed everything (results even better than I expected). So the job hunt has begun and I've lined up a few interviews when out of the blue a letter comes in my door offering me a place in the Masters of science in nursing program in the college that I've just finished my Bsc in nursing in. Now I'm not sure what to do, some are advising that I should be focusing on my practice now and leave the academics alone for awhile while others are encouraging me to get it out of the way now while I'm still in the college mindset. Just wondering if anyone could tell me the advantages/disadvantages of pursuing the masters now?
    HELP! thanks!

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    Hi everyone,
    first time posting on here (just found the site). I'm a (very) newly qualified nurse in Ireland and have my dream job interview next week for a band 5, ICU staff nurse position. Just wondering if anyone has any advice of if there's any other Irish nurses who've made the move and have stories to tell about it..
    The interview is for a trust in Slough... I wonder if anyone here knows about the area as I'm a complete newbie to the whole thing..