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    If you're not comfortable with the workplace structure and your job description.... Then don't take it. Remember you have a LICENSE you need to protect. And as a new licensed RN.... This is the start of exploring what part of nursing you would love to specialize ( ER, Tele, OB/ GYN, ICU etc...). I used to work in a Nursing Home while reviewing my RN exam (love the place , my co workers and job is easy) but once I passed my RN I realized I want some nursing challenge.... I applied in a huge teaching hospital as an ER RN, they did not take me since I'm "green"... So they put me in an Urgent Care.... I never stop bothering the NM in ER , I kept on telling her "i'm willing to learn, I'm a hard worker, I'll be a very good ER RN if she'll just give me a chance.... Finally after 6 months she took me.... Worked in ER for 5 years and I felt I want more challenge I applied in a 20 bed SICU stayed for couple of years and spoke to my NM I would like to be trained as an open heart ICU RN....also 20 beds. We do CABG, Valve repair / replacement, LVAD, ECMO and heart and lung transplant....Still working in the same facility for 7 yrs. now because I found what I love doing.... It's HARD WORK but I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
    I hope this will help you pursue your endeavor At least in your chosen profession. Good luck.