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    Thanks SoldierNurse22 that's the kind of kick i need. Yes i want to be a nurse and i will apply to other schools this year, i just feel sorry for what my co-workers go through sometimes and yeah you're right not all workplace is perfect.

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    I have been a CNA for 2.5 years in a hospital and before, i was so hyped up about nursing, i even make plans on what i'm gonna specialize on...I got rejected by some nursing schools and it's making me think if it's for me but im still applying (too many applicants, even my total score of 88 won't get me through). Now since i'm not in school i began to observe my workplace, not just my department, but other departments as well. I experience how patients can be verbally abusive, sometimes physical also. How they ask questions and try to do it their way or else they will be non-compliant with the treatments and they want answers "NOW", how they can't understand why they can't have a simple medication as Tylenol for a specific reason and accuse the nurse of not knowing what he/she is doing (calls them dumb), how some patients even a co-RN of theirs can become so stubborn and thinks they know what they're doing and ends up on the floor instead, how nursing can put a huge amount of stress to nurses sometimes they end up crying inside the locker room or regret they become a nurse. Some patients are great and they make you feel special. I like people, good or bad, but now being more exposed to it makes me re-think if this is something i want to do until i retire.

    Some nurses told me to go try and be a Physical Therapist, some nurses doesn't give suggestions but simply say "if i could go back i'll pick something else", some healthcare staff say it's better to work in the lab, but some nurses say that nursing is still "ok" since i'm already a CNA and that's the only route i could go to move up.

    Any insights? i'm loosing my motivation....=(

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    try NSO for malpractice insurance it's less than $30 for a year

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    I was in a nursing program but something came up and i had to withdraw myself from the school. Now i'm trying to go back to nursing school but since i'm working as a CNA for almost 2 years now makes me think if nursing is really for me, i used to like patient interaction but most times it's not a good day for everyone, nurses who used to love what they do became grumpy, and yes, as a CNA, it's back breaking LOL now i'm looking at the Clinical Lab Science program and it's interesting, i go to our lab to get blood and drop off specimens so i kinna look around and my friend also works in a lab and she likes it. But i'm still debating since i already made an investment to nursing...

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    I haven't read that thread yet but the news came from my coworker. Maybe it's the same person who wrote on that thread, i don't know but yeah her daughter's friend is out of the program, not sure if she got kicked out or she withdrew herself...sad...anyway if i don't get in the July cohort i might go with NU's Clinical Laboratory Science program which i believe i can start any month as long as available.

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    i heard the passing rate for the program was increased to 80%? other than that they use ATI as additional for the final exam per course so if you fail one, you fail the course? Is this true? one of the RNs i work with told me her daughter's friend failed a couple of times (different courses) so she's out of the program....:-(

    Now this is scaring the crap out of me

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    I made a mistake :-) i thought i applied for the April cohort but when i checked again this morning it was for the July cohort LOL

    i already emailed the nursing dept. regarding my TEAS and Essay sched. letting them know i applied last month :-)

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    hi KGCaligirl

    i checked my submission and it said "submitted" for April 2014 cohort...still reviewing for TEAS....anxiety makes it hard to concentrate :-(

    thanks for the reply! :-)

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    hi again everyone, until now i haven't received any invitation from NU to take the TEAS and essay exam. For those who already did, how long did it took for you to receive the invitation/schedule? i applied 2 weeks ago. Thank you! :-)

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    i just applied right now for the ABSN at national and currently just started reading on the Science part of the schedule yet...i hope i get done reviewing before receiving a sched. :-(

    By the way, does National have a minimum TEAS score requirement like the other schools? during the information session someone asked about it but the person conducting the session just told us that "any score you receive, just submit it to the school" so it's really not that clear...:-(

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    I just applied at Grossmont College's RN Program this month and I hope i hear something from them within this year. I did the Advance Placement Application since I'm a nursing student from another university who wants to transfer. I hope i get in.

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    I was already in a nursing program but i noticed that the school expenses are getting higher since i live in San Diego and the school is up in L.A. so consider travelling to and from and boarding.

    I will be applying to these schools this year for next year's cohorts:
    1. National University
    2. Grossmont College
    3. University of San Diego
    4. San Diego City College

    Anyone experienced this kind of situation about transferring to another nursing school?

    I already started creating my application packet for Grossmont and SDCC, for USD they use NursingCAS so i also started it last night, and for NU since they changed their prerequisites (instead of regular statistics, they wanted biomed statistics) so i'm taking it right now.

    This is one heck of an application. I'm from 2 different nursing schools, the first nursing school i was able to finish the Fundamentals of Nursing then the school lost it's capabilities of granting MSN to students so i transferred to another school which is up north since it's the first school that accpeted me and did Fundamentals of nursing again, up to Medical Surgical Nursing. Then it tends to be expensive instead of just waiting here in San Diego to hear from other nursing schools. I guess i should've just waited before instead of hurrying and ending up waiting longer. *sigh

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    Has anyone already started their nursing program at National University? what books do you guys use for Med Surg I and II?

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    i am a little confused about MSN-MPH and MPH only. What's the difference and which one is better? thanks

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    Quote from lvnrnmd2be
    I am applying for the next cohort for the pre-licensure program in L.A... I am a working LPN with a 3.9 science GPA, bad part is I scored low on the TEAS 75% adjusted individual score.... Would love some feedback… do I have a chance of getting in?
    oh yes you have a huge chance of getting in the program. I think the TEAS requirement for WGU is only 65% or 67% i forgot already. WGU will also let you take an admissions kind of test composed of Science, Math and some essays. Good luck!