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    Hello I didn't know exactly where to ask this, but I am very concerned and need some guidance...I am just about to take prerequisites to get into a BSN program. I would really love to be a nurse! And I have been looking forward to getting into the nursing field. However, the Court's ruling on Obama's Healthcare plan has me nervous.

    All the nurses I've known/talked to have not had good things to say about the law or how it will affect them. I know Medicaid is very slow to pay and doesn't reimburse doctors/hospitals much of the actual cost, so won't that trickle down to nurses' pay?...Also, the nursing shortage we have ALREADY is bad won't Obama's new law just make the problem that much worse by adding more people to a system that already desperately needs more nurses?. I'm also concerned that the quality of care will suffer as well (for the patients).. I really need advice on this...I want to be a nurse, but the uncertainty and the possibility of more work with less pay is not at all attractive...its scary!

    So my question is this: Should I go ahead with my plans to go to nursing school despite the unsure future? Or should I get out and find a new rewarding career path to take while I still can? Maybe I can wait awhile to see how things play out first?

    P.S=I had wanted to eventually be a nurse practitioner (career goal)..And please don't question my desire to be a nurse and my love for what nurses do. I would LOVE to be a nurse, but .I just don't want to go into alot of student debt, work my butt off, and delve into a career when there is so much uncertainty about things such as possible cuts to the pay, and the overall nursing shortage. The way I see it, I'm at a crossroad right now and can take either fork..I just want to make an educated, good decision. All answers and advice are VERY appreciated!!