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    Aimy and Aisha --I sent you both a request. I'm Whitney ...

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    Study group would be a great idea!

    ChristaG - I'm in Boston already, too, so let me know if you need any help with finding rentals. I'm about 25 minutes south of the city in the 'burbs and rent is much cheaper, and just a short train ride away.

    I can't seem to find the group on facebook -- I think invites might need to be sent out.

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    I got my acceptance letter today!

    Congrats to those who got in, and good luck to those waitlisted!

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    @tiala -- my prereqs were a 3.3

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    @tiala -- they said 6-8 weeks from the deadline, so hopefully mid to late-August.

    @jill -- I'm at Dana-Farber, too.

    3.2 BS in Biology/Pre-Med from Ohio State in '07. Worked in a transplant research lab for 3 years, and have been a research coordinator in oncology for 2 years.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Hi all,

    There were one or two comments at the end of the 2012 thread that went unanswered, so I figured I would start a thread for those applying to the MGH ASBN beginning January 2013. I received the email this morning saying my application is complete, so now the waiting begins.

    Anyone else applying for this cycle? We can commiserate during the wait and hopefully share the good news later.