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  • Jul 9 '12

    So what I can tell an SI or Skill Identifier is a way the Army identifies Critical Care Nurses and Emergency Nurses. The critical care identifier is 8a, the emergency identifier is m5. For each one of these you have to have 2 years civilian experience in such field i.e. 8a for critical care and m5 for emergency. However its all needs of the service, if they dont need 8a or m5s they'll just bring you in as a 66h with no skill identifier i.e. med-surg nurse. However you can get you 8a or m5 after having time in the army. However, I spoke to a CPT about this and he told me that once you get your AOC i.e. 66h its hard to get you 8a or m5, not impossible, just a longer road. The reason for that is that the commander of your unit is using you as an 66h to fill a job and mission, to get you 8a or m5 you have to go to training, causing the commander now to have an opening in his/her unit that they need to fill.

    Thats why im fighting to keep an 8a SI, have been in Critical Care nursing for coming up on 2years and don't want to go to med-surg. Not that med-surg is bad, just would be an adjustment.

    I was also told, you have all the power as civilian in the process of joining, once your in its, yes sir or yes ma'am and carry out the mission like it was your own(whether you like it not)

  • Jul 9 '12

    Quote from ArmyNurse09
    Excellent question! The time between initial commissioning and BOLC is fluid. BOLC is offered at different times throughout the year. Dates can be found at the AMEDD Center and School here U.S. Army Medical Department Center & School Portal. As a Reservist, the Army is aware we are needed in our respective practices and allows us to chose the class that best fits our lives. If you do not select a class, eventually one will be selected for you. I commissioned in '09 and attended in 2011. Whoops! I need to change the title paragraph.
    Army nurse,

    Thats for the info. I go before the board in Oct for 66h8a on active duty, hopefully I'll get selected and will head to bolc some time winter/spring 2013!