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    Quote from carolinapooh
    I have a bachelor's degree. Not in nursing, but a BS nonetheless. So I know what these "missing" classes are, and I find your statement a bit uninformed.

    I don't see how a couple of sociology courses, a physical education activity course or two, an art or philosophy course, and fulfulling a "cultural perspective" or "historical perspective" course makes a difference in a hospital setting.

    As long as whoever is assigned to me knows not to kill me, I'm not really concerned with his or her degree - as long as they passed and have a license!

    I believe that, at least where I have been educated, that the education of BSN nurses and ADN nurses differes more than a few PE courses. ADN's have always had the benefit and advantage of having more clinical time during their education. While we learn the same content, BSN grads differ by the addition of extensive research, management, and cultural(which is extremely important where I live) education. We BSN's feel lacking in clinical experience at graduation. I believe, and my reason for, fulfilling a BSN degree is to open the possibility of upward movement within nursing- to management, education, psychiatric nursing (at Stanford hospital they only hire BSN's for pt care with LVN's as assistants), hospice care, and many others. I know this is always an arguement about degree levels. I have had some of my best educational experinces with ADN's! Nothing replaces 15 years experince- not any amount of education. I really appreciate the knowledge and intuition acquired by anyone who has worked that long in nursing. BTW- Many hospitals in my area have now increased wages for all nurses. The county hospital is now paying $37/hr up from $29/hr last year. Kaiser was one of the highest paying at $37 and some small change(not including differetials $4 eves, $7pms), now county is equal. Average is $35 fresh outta school. Don't be too impressed It is sooper expensive to live here !

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    Where I live, they are beginning to hire BSN grads at $5 more per hour than they pay ADN's. There is a movement of hiring more BSN grads over LVN's, and ADN's. I should state that I agree with the bedside care. One of the best nurses I ever met was an LVN...and he was one of my preceptors in my BSN program! He had fabulous bedside manner!

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    I had a thought...where I live there are very large comunities of Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Nigerian, and many is possible for people to get thru school and specialize within their communities where they are extremely valuable. At my school (BSN program) they strongly recommend special ESL classes for medical professions. However, we still have many people who have difficulty with English. I have seen many of them improve so much over the last three years! There is always the chance that if she can't communicate proficiently enough to write papers, communicate with instructors, nurses, and patients, and chart proficiently...she might be held back. I've seen that happen too...and like what was stated before, it isn't always ESL people who get held back!!

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    Hi, I am so sorry that this has happened to you. I know it can be emotionally devastating. I had a thought, (yes, maybe the only one today!) are you interested in Community Health? Not Home Health, Community. It sounds to me like you aren't thrilled with hospital care...many Community Health Nurses aren't! I am actually doing a clinical rotation in Community right now.
    Good luck!

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    This was such a good topic! I too have tattoos, the largest on my back. I also made the professional choice to keep it below the scrub mark! However, I do have my nose pierced and my lobes stretched. The most difficulty I have had is in school with my nose piercing. One instructor told me I had to remove it. I calmly and politely stated that I really didn't want to. Well, the next week she came to me and said I could keep it, unless someone at the clinical site complained. Well, no one ever complained so no problemo. Personally, I wouldn't cover my tattoos c makeup. I feel like that is way too much compliance with the 'normalcy' rule! Just the thought of sucombing to makeup makes me cringe . Like so many people have said, there is always clothing to help ease other people's issues!
    Good luck to you...never let your personal style stop you from pushing forward towards your own success! I work really hard to break people's stereotypes!

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    Hmmm, I have NLN exams evey semester at our school. They use them- with specific topics- as reference for where we are, or rather, how well we have understood the topic. They are Because they are specific to topics, they most likely different than the one you would take for an entrance exam.
    I wanted to say something about grossing out. I know most of us worry so much about poop and barf before we ever encounter it! However, i have found that when you are in it, up to your knees sometimes, it doesn't really matter. You get so focused on helping the patient, cleaning them up, and maintaining their dignity that you lose the gag factor. It becomes more about treating the pt like you would want to be treated in a similar situation. That's how i have always gotten thru it. Oh, a good sense of humor never hurts! Truely, sometimes you can smell smells for hours later!
    It is never a dull moment in nursing school! Oh yea, I graduate in Dec from a BSN prog.