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    I am a nursing student and I am NOT interested in being coddled, or being friends with my instructors. I get more use out of constructive criticism than pats on the back- if I'm doing something wrong, I WANT to be told about it so that I don't do it again. I come to school and clinicals prepared, and I ask questions when I'm unsure because I am not interested in harming anyone. I work hard, with humility, and I treat my instructors, hospital staff, classmates, patients and this profession with RESPECT.

    Including the ones that don't have respect for me.

    There are MANY serious, hard-working, responsible, mature, kick-ass nursing students out there that many preceptors would be proud to have. We're the ones who remain respectful and professional even when we get stuck with preceptors who hate teaching.

    To my fellow nursing students: keep working your ***** off, keep coming prepared, keep putting your big girl/boy underpants on every morning. Keep at it, and don't let people like this stop you from achieving your goals. AND when you're preceptors, remember what it was like to be a student -be the nurse that you want your students to become.