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    Hello, Yes there is uts capital area school of practical nursing its located on toronta road right off interstate 55. I went to this school and graduted in one year with having the summer off. hope this helps

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    How seriouse is a med error that involves signing out on a med that hasnt been gave yet???????? Need to know for a friend.

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    Quote from TriageRN_34
    I find that the term "charge nurse" is different in different facilities. I am a 'charge nurse" and "floor nurse" when I am on duty because I am second in line during reg business hours on an administration standpoint IE charge part of my title, and on weekends with no administration I am charge as well in lue that I am the most senior person with a degree.

    Differences in floor to charge to me are rather indifferent. I have to settle call ins, handle disruptions, be the PR person for visiting family and do my floor duties (whew it is rough!!!!!).

    What does the job title mean in terms of your facility..that may better clear things up for you, and for us to help.
    I have the same duties I am in charge of the other three LPNs and 6 CNA's with no other admin there. I do all Tx and make sure the staff are doing what they are suppose to be doing. I have to handle all call offs. I also would be the one that does all dostors orders and making the phone calls to family and doctors when needed. I make 15.00 an hour now doing patients care for one hall which has 25 residents and there TX. Wondering if I should ask for a pay raise if I accept this position.

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    I was asked yesterday if I would like the job as Charge Nurse for the facility. It is an evening position. I was wondering if anyone knew much about the duties and if the pay should be more then a regular LPN floor nurse. By the way Iam currently an LPN myself. Hope I get replies.

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    Iam a new grad and make $15.00 an hour in LTC

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    I have seen the site and read some articles in the past and decided today I wanted to join and ask some of my queastions and see if I can help anyone else out. I just graduated in Jan 05 as an LPN. I currently work in LTC and enjoy it very much. I have 3 children 10, 7, and 5. Between work, kids and husband Iam pretty busy. Hope I get to talk with you all in the near future.