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    We had a lovely gentleman, who after surviving a Japanese prisoner of war camp, ended up with parkinsons disease later in life. As his condition deteriorated he started to choke quite a lot. He was still able to tell us what he wanted though. We told him of the risks of not having a modified diet(dietician,consultant etc, and he accepted the risks with the same courage he'd endured during the war. He even seemed to rally for a while, brussell sprouts were his favourite vegetable and thick toffees were his favourite sweet (candy). If we even attempted to cut his food up or suggest thickened fluids, he would just give us a look of complete contempt, yip, even managed that with his Parkinsons. It was an honour and a privelege to look after him. He eventually decided when it was his time, and took to his bed (something he did not do even when ill), dying very peacefully with his family beside him.

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    I am also anal about oral care, this feels like an AA meeting. Education is invaluable though, I'm thinking about getting a portfolio together of all the things that can go wrong systemically if oral hygiene isn't being attended to. After four years of the nice approach, I'm feeling a little bit of "in your face style" coming on.

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    Has anyone used the phrase "wiggle your toes" to a patient with a double amputation????? when your about to give an injection. I have to say I think this is one of my worst as a student nurse. Quite a worry.

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    Quote from Chad_KY_SRNA
    Prom was awesome, We took a limo, danced most of the night, took tons of pictures, and project prom was amazing. I definately got my cardio in last night. I am still a little down but I have final review all week and then finals next week. Just continue to keep my situation in your prayers.
    Keep fighting Chad, document everything, and let us know how you go. Best wishes and hugs.

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    Quote from stidget99
    Thanks michelle and studious. I appreciate your thoughts/care/concern. I asked around today (?tonite). No pics allowed w/out consent.
    Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe they have all these do's and don't do's, a nurse can be written up for the slightest thing, but when it comes to documenting evidence of obvious abuse by a facility, they don't want to know. JEEEEEZ!!!! Looks like they are out to protect each other, and forgetting the patient, or their rights. Keep your chin up Stidget.

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    Quote from Sue7573
    I was working together with one of my friends on a sub acute unit one afternoon. ( I have since realized I work better by myself) We had just got a new resident that day. We had not seen her yet when her daughter came to get us to put 'Mom" on a bed pan so my friend and I went down there. We were told that she was 'overwieght' but we didn't know how much. both of us were surprised at how big she was. She told us from the jump that she could not do anything for herself. So she raised her arms up for us to do all the work. I got tickled by the look on my friends face and was trying to stiffle a giggle as we were turning the pt on her side to put the bed pan under her. This patient was also very dry we noticed. We had to log roll her and I had to hold her buttocks up to allow room for the bedpan. My friend was just about to say something with her mouth wide open when I lost my grip on the pt. hips and the gloves scrubbing against the ladies extremely dry skin threw "booty dust" up in the air just as my friend sucked in to speak I mean you could see the flakes going into her mouth. I lost it I was laughing so hard. I mean I tried to control it for the pts sake but there was nothing I could do I was laughing so hard I actually peed on myself.. My friend was so upset she was licking paper towels and gaging.. which only put me into another fit of giggles I don't know how we held it together long enough to finish pt. care. but we did then I had to run home and change myself. Both of us agreed not to work together again. (btw friend thought it was funny too but only wish I had got the mouth full of "booty dust")

    Hadn't been to the toilet for a couple of days(if you get my drift), but this had me laughing so hard, I finally went whewwwwwwwwwww!!!! thank you

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    Quote from stidget99
    Update: I found out that the pt died of septicemia. No surprises there. And please, don't misunderstand me. I am not saying that all SNF/LTC are like this. Nor am I saying that all wound issues are caused in these places. I was just saying that this particular chain of LTCs is known for poor/neglectful care. I sincerely apologize to anyone that I inadvertently offended.

    I have not heard from the ombudsman nor any other state agencies. The parking lot has been abuzz so I suspect something must've happened but I don't know for sure. I haven't seen anything in the news either. Thanks to everyone for their care and concern. You really helped me get through a very very difficult time. ((((Hugs to all)))

    One other note/question....isn't it illegal to take pictures, esp those areas that most would be considered to be private in nature, without expressed written consent of the pt or guardian? And if we did pass these pictures on to the authorities, wouldn't we be violating the HIPPA laws???? Seems to me that a LTC facility would be able to get consent on admission for various activities (i.e. birthdays, advertising, etc) because of the projected length of stay but hosp would not be able to take pics for any reason. The only exception I can think of would be during a medical procedure (i.e. during a colonoscopy or UGI).
    Hi Stidget,

    I was so sorry to hear about your patient. Like you, I'm not surprised either, but I do know she will have received the best care in your facility, even if it were only for a week or so. I hope it was a peaceful end for her. As far as I know, it is not illegal to take photographs in hospital, as it is mandatory these days to photograph and document pressure ulcers for legal purposes, in case anyone decides to sue. This lady may have family that will want to do that. As these pressure sores were there when she arrived at your facility there will not be any come back on yourselves. We always photograph Ulcers if we get patients with them. So we are able to physically see them getting better, check and document treatment regimes etc: It's considered part and parcel of holistic care over here. Although I appreciate you may have different policies and practices over in the States. It's a difficult one. But considering the complete lack of care this lady received before coming to you, I feel justice needs to be served for her sake, and others who are still going through it. Take care Stidget, and know your doing the right thing budd!!!!!
    Best wishes Tania

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    Quote from Fiona59
    Had a labial varicose vein during my pregnancies. Brings a new meaning to pain....

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    Quote from bracken
    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting on I am a final year nursing student at Napier University, Edinburgh.

    Part of my coursework involves selecting one of the World Health Organisation palliative care principles. I have chosen 'intends neither to hasten or postpone death.' My essay will provide a literature review and analyse wether euthanasia has any place within palliative care - What are your views on this?

    How does the above discussion relate to clinical practice?

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    Quote from Marie_LPN
    There are treatment options for varicose veins available now. When i get some time i'll start reading up on them, because i have a few myself that i want to get rid of. One in particular feels like soemone is taking a poker from the fire and stabbing the back of my right thigh.
    OHHH! Thank GOD! someone else understands, this hot poker thing is not funny! It seems to be sore every day now, whereas before it was only once a month or so. My hottest poker is in the inner aspect of my left knee, radiating up to my inner thigh. Doesn't help crossing my left leg over my right I suppose, but I can't even sit at this pc comfortably. I've heard about injections, but I'd feel a right divvy going to my Doc with this considering there is nothing to see at the moment. I would start wearing support stockings, but the summer is coming in over here just now, and I wear tunic and trousers to work. HAH! that would be the next thing. THRUSH! and VARI VEINS, I'm feeling middle age coming on and I'm not even 40 yet.

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    MY first varicose vein, I posted this here 'cause I'm sure it will probably be regarded as funny, BUT IT HURTS like hell. My left leg is killing me, can't actually see anything(Yet), but I'm sure it'll creep itself out eventually. What do I do? Is this the end of me ever getting to wear a skirt again. (Not that I do much anyway, but it would be nice to "HAVE THE CHOICE") . Oh! the pain is terrible. Probably doesn't help I've had a shift from hell. Does this now mean I am near the end? Is this the thanx I get? A leg full of ugly, lumpy, sore and blue veins. I'ts just not fair. Sorry folks, needed to vent. Anyone got any advice???????????

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    [QUOTE=PHTLS]Psych female patients tolerate and adore me. It must be my handsome, tall, and boyish looks.

    Either that or it's all down to your obvious modesty!

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    Quote from student06
    I am stumped on this one. I am a student and I think there is going to be a question on it. I think it is because IVs go inside of you for hydration, normal saline, right or wrong? Thanks for your reply
    Doesn't have to be normal saline, the docs can interchange with, normal saline, glucose, and potassium. As well as hydrating the patient these fluids can also maintain adequate urea and electrolyte balance.

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    Quote from Gennaver
    Yes indeed.

    I wish you continued goodness.

    Unfortunately, there are others who are not being helped due to your hard work, only yourself.

    Here is where I would like to add my strength to a union, in order to not only help myself alone, (that is a benefit) but to spread the help to my cohorts who may not be able to have all of their hard work and planning pay off, (say if their employer decides to do something that cannot be taken care of in a 1 employee versus a corporation of thousands.)

    p.s. I hope I never carry such a large load of self-serving justification and bias

    p.p.s. I do not see your posts of self-aggrandization and my replies of congratulations as going anywhere positive Teeituptom, so, there is nothing here for you and I to communicate about. I see you as having bias and you see you as not, lets agree to disagree-not much more for you and I to directly respond to in this.....

    I agree Gen,

    There is a fine line between being the best nurse you can and working under tremendous stress, and arrogance.

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    Hi everyone,

    This is just to thank everyone for their input, it has been marvelous. I'ts nice to know that others agree with me, and that I am doing the right thing. The dietician reckons that if she wants to eat then she should be given as much or as little as she requires. I haven't seen the Consultant yet, but I will discuss the same with her. We are very lucky that our Consultant is so very into being a geriatrician, and cares as much as she does. I spoke with my Charge Nurse as well, and stressed the point of individualised care to her. I can remember having another lady who was 97 years old, and all she would eat was rice crispies in the morning and jelly and ice-cream for tea. She survived on this diet for two years, and died peacefully in her sleep without a single bedsore or red mark on her frail form, but that was what she wanted to eat, so that's what she got.

    My wee lady at the moment is not too well though, she was sick last night, and didn't want anything to eat today at all, so I'm a bit worried about her. She is supposedly that demented, she actually told me this a.m when I was caring for her that she was "sick last night". I'm glad I had witnesses to the fact, so now they know she remembers other things and not just my name, which is being put down to learning parrot fashion. She was so poorly that she didn't even call me her usual bad names, didn't hit me once, which is why I'm so worried. However, she is drinking plenty of milk and juice, and keeping it down, So, hopefully she'll be feeling better soon. Probably just a wee virus. Anyway, thanks again everyone for your input. Take care.