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    You are an exceptional employee. I think you should take the school position as long as you know what that job is. The duties and what they expect from you. I believe that nursing is so dimensional and it needs to be. I know what we do in other nursing jobs helps us in the long run be a better nurse in ANY nursing job. I can say from experience is that your family is why your working. Go do school nursing it's a great gig. You will enjoy time off and you can cut few expenses. Do what makes you happy and is good for your sweet kids they grow up fast. Remember there will always be a charge position for you, your a great nurse. But mommy is for short time.

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    Quote from amoLucia
    I would graciously differ in my opinion from that of Nurse Beth's. And I think I'm thinking along the same lines for the future as Letter Writer is thinking too.

    As much as I hate to say this, ageism is a real possibility for older nurses. An MSN may be the 'hedge' factor/'ace in the hole' for job security and/or mobility for an older nurse. (Just throwing this out there.)

    I'm figuring Letter Writer should be in her early 40's. And, God be willing, her health will hold out for those 20 years or so. But that could change with the bat of an eye and a simple misstep on her basement stairs. Other significant life changes also possible.

    It is unknown at this time how the future of nsg may evolve in the future. A Master degree may become the required degree for such positions as Infection Control, QI/QA, IT, etc. Will she be prepared to compete at an older age?

    I believe there is another thought to consider re starting an MSN. I THINK (and I may be wrong) but a 'clock' starts ticking when one enrolls. There's a time limit for degree completion if I recall for a grad school degree. (Someone set me straight if I'm off here.) My thinking is 50/50. Wait too long to start school and you're behind everyone else at an older age. Start too soon and the burden is to finish regardless ... At this time, Letter Writer is still fresh in undergrad study skills, technology, support systems, etc. Not to mention that school costs can only be expected to increase with time. Also one must consider the admissions competition to increase also (AEB the current increasing enrollments NOW).

    Letter Writer does NOT have the luxury of planning for a long-term future. Her goal is more intermediate-term and she sees that. My recommendation would be for her to seriously investigate and pursue graduate education. It would be one thing if she had said she had "zero interest" at all for continuing her education (like she commented re management). She seeks to be competitive. And that reality will be grad school.
    I totally agree. I have had all the above happen to me. There may be a day that you will not want to be a floor nurse, more like not physically able. Obtaining a masters puts you in a better position for various areas of nursing. I waited 20 years to be a nurse and still waiting for my RN. I will not give up but I can tell you I don't have the stamina I had few years ago. With age comes wisdom and that is advice. I take all I can get. Here's to us nurses.

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    I love RN THEY ARE SO SWEET they give me confidence when I loose mine as I am just an LVN.( I know I'm not lol ) IT only takes one person to make you less than adequate. I am currently working at an LTACH and I work with RN BSN. I do same thing and they treat me same. Thank you nice words

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    I was told it would be a year

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    Quote from mrllangston
    I just found out today that I am in the program starting September 17! They could not locate my last transcript. Lol. I am so excited! I live in Greenville. Is there anyone close? It's about 50 miles east of Dallas.Hope to "see" you all soon! Michelle
    You still in the program thanks

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    Quote from ryeus
    I too began class in jan.7 what do you think of the computer class
    thank god we are in the last week
    The class was so easy

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    Quote from harleynurse2009
    Did anyone have trouble with admissions? They forgot to send my transcript now they are saying jan 13 will be the only class this year due to restructuring the program! Help I'm so confused
    yes the only class this year already started on jan 7

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    Quote from brianbeene
    So im about to submit everything that I need in order to renew my license here in Texas and I have a simple question. For anyone that knows, how long did the process take to get your license renewed if you had been arrested. Im not worried about it not being renewed, Im just wondering the average amount of time it takes. Ill have about 4 weeks until my license expires and this is stressing me out. Surely 4 weeks is enough time. Im hand delivering it also just to hasten the process! thanks for any input
    They renew but do investigate will give your license now but then decide it takes months for decision in Texas

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    Quote from CBJ123
    you dont have to buy the bundle itself. you can buy the books individually by searching the isbn # if u have questions letme know.
    I was wanting to know if they use Smeltzer. 12 th edition. (Brunner & Suddarth). These are popular med /surg textbooks. Thanks for your help

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    Quote from 1busymaniam
    I had problems finding this bundle to purchase. Don't recommend renting it as you may not have all the access. It is available at Lamar St bookstore. Yes the bundle is expensive! I start on Monday also. Not sure what else to suggest?
    Good luck............. Russell Roach
    Can you tell me what Med surg book we use I just started but I have one and may keep it if its the right one thanks

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    Quote from vma71

    It's not available on anymore. It's not really available anywhere right now. Hopefully we won't need it either. Thanks for your response.
    Can you tell me what book for exple what Med surg book they use. I have couple I want to see if these ate the ones thanks so much

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    Quote from kStepan13
    I was wondering if yall where working when you got accepted? I am in the Jan 13 class, but currently not working.
    Are you in Lamar now

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    Quote from LVNstudent
    I got my acceptance letter this week -- hooray! Will be starting Jan. 7. Can't wait to get through it. I live in Arlington/Fort Worth area. Anyone else starting in January?
    Hi I'm in I live in Rockwall

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    Quote from JoyfulNurseLPN
    It used to really drive me crazy too. I've been told by many different people
    (nurses and non-nurses alike) that I was not a ''real'' nurse, and that I was a
    ''glorified aide''. It really used to bother me, and motivated me to go back to
    RN school.

    Try not to let it get to you, although I know it can be very difficult to hear
    this type of criticism. You are licensed to practice nursing. As far as the
    state is concerned, you are a nurse. It doesn't matter what anyone else
    You are a nurse! We are the cream of the crop and when I become an RN I would never talk bad about us I am proud LVN

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    Hi tulip I'm in Rowlett. I'm starting in January