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  • Nov 27 '12

    Quote from UK_RN_AJ

    From there there are two options from what I can work out , firstly apply for a temporary workers permit which permits you to work for six months with options to extend or apply for permanent residence from within Canada. Or you can go for a full immigration process under the FSW Program which I believe is not open again till 2013.

    If I'm wrong on this please correct me .
    Correct as in the new list doesn't come out until Jan 2013 however a TWP (temp work permit) is issued between 1-3 years depending on what the LMO states. I have been working with a TWP for the last 2 years and have another year to go however after much time and at times little patience I have now been granted PR and just waiting for final piece of paper so I can go and 'land' PR process took me over 2 years and that was applying from within Canada but expect the same time frame whether in or out of Canada. If any less then think of it as a bonus. Also be aware there are changes and regardless of country living or born in for PR an English or French exam is required, There is also talk that apart from meeting College requirements you have to prove qualifications to immigration.

    nursesmarty I seriously doubt you will be able to get everything sorted and be in Canada working by the end of 2013 and as mentioned if a USC then you should be able to use NAFTA but will still require employer and letter of employment as well as passed CRNE (most employers will not look at you unless you have eligibility to sit CRNE or have passed CRNE)