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  • Dec 12 '12

    Being gay has never really been part of my professional life and I don't think any of my patients care (not that I tell them) as long as they get the care they need. That being said, I am totally out to everyone and will disclose it if someone asks, me and my boyfriend's pictures are all over Facebook. Now comes that one co worker who has issues with that and gets really preachy to the point where it becomes offensive. That said co worker has long been fired for his unprofessional conducts but the moral is that some people will always judge and you should be ready for that. I am proud to say that I am a totally badass nurse and have been recognized by my patients and co workers for the work that I do. Just be the best that you can be and that will measure how good of a nurse you are and not your sexual orientation/race/religion/ whatever separate you from the "norm".

  • Dec 12 '12

    lets be honest with a 40% of the males not swining that way, 35-50% of the rest being married or commited relationships, and 10% being left over...there is a chance...slight...but still.

    Yet, I've worked with strippers and its the same percentages at the club as well...on the girls side.