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  • May 5 '08


    trust me i know how you're feeling. let's just say i have taken the test more than twice. i took it for the fourth time today. i know it's hard to hear this, but do NOT be discouraged. the NCLEX is a very hard test that analyzes your critical thinking skills. i'm sure since you barely graduated in dec 07, that the content should still be fresh in your head. i have been in your shoes more than once, even contemplating on whether or not i belong in nursing. but the thing is to keep on pushing. you didn't go through all the trials and tribulations of nursing school, all the countless hours of clinical time and studying for tests, just to give up now.

    i feel that what has hindered me to pass the previous times i tested was 1) insufficient studying, 2) extreme nervousness and anxiety and 3) rushing through questions. next time you take your test, take your time and think things out.

    i also took suzannes plan and i feel like her study strategies really helped me out this time around. it would probably be a good idea to PM her about her plan. you may find that it will be helpful for you the next time you test.

    but the bottom line is, do NOT give up. i know it feels like the end of the world (trust me, i have been there) and the pressures of passing are on thick. i know the bills are adding up, student loan companies are mailing you every week, and feelings of inadequacy fill your mind up. but you have to be strong, persevere through the struggle, and be confident in yourself that you WILL pass next time.


  • May 5 '08

    I just want to encourage you to follow your dreams.
    Please do not be too hard on yourself ok?
    I did my NCLEX with 75 questions, went home and promptly burst into tears.
    I had passed but none the less I felt awful about it.
    You just never know but get up, brush yourself down and say ' I WILL do this for me and my family'
    Now go get 'em

  • May 3 '08

    Quote from meme75
    So I found out today that I failed my 1st attempt at the NCLEX. I am so angry right now, I am not even sure that I want to try again. I had 110 questions with at least 40 of them SATA, Med heavy along with infection control. I just want to get on wth my life and my family, i have a 4 y/o and a 2y/o, and I feel like I dot even remember the 2 y/o life as I have been in school the last 2 1/2 years, I need to start making money to catch up on bills, my story is like most on here, but I really feel like a total failure. I dont know what to do to get started to retake or even how long you have to wait in Illinois....I really just wanted to be done and move on.
    Meme~~ I am so sorry you are having these feelings right now. You of course know your not alone. It is an accomplishment to just finish nursing school with two little ones at home. You were able to pass your exams so the material is there, you know it. Obviously you were just so stressed out during the actual test that you made some poor choices. Anxiety is a terrible thing.

    I can understand your needing to start making money but at this point your biggest bang for your buck would be to re-prepare for the Nclex. I think you can retake in approx 90days. I was fortunate through out nursing school as I worked as a CNA on the weekends and one night during the week. I was able to get some study time in while at work, depending on the night. Maybe you could take a part time job that would allow some free time with in it.

    I also would take my little ones to McDonalds or BK and study for HOURS, they played and I enjoyed the free refills. Look at preparing for Nclex as your job right now. Try to carve out as many nook and crannies of time in your day to do flash cards etc etc.Always keep study materials in your car as well as purse.

    I would use my Saunders/Davis CD to take as many computer tests as I could each day. Set realistic goals for your self and every week re-evaluate your study plan.

    I really think the anxiety of Nclex is worse than the actual test. You have alot riding on passing it.

    Best of luck.....

  • May 3 '08

    i am with you meme75 your not alone i did felt the same thing with you, i felt devastated.but im back on track, it takes a while...

  • May 3 '08

    Don't be discouraged, I just took my exam yesterday the whole 265 questions enough to let me know I was totally unprepared. Pick up after a few days off and get back into the books and doing Q's. There are alot of helpful tips on this site...I'm going to prepare to do the same as I am already accepting my fate.

    You have to be have to say to yourself "I will be an RN, I will pay off my bills, and finally see my kids grow up" of luck to you...and never give up, you've come right before the finish line, be proud of that .

    (Now I need to go weep and follow my own advice)

  • Apr 30 '08

    I passed the Nclex with 75 questions and Im posting some helpful tips on 'rules of management' when tackling questions on delegation along with prioritizing. Hope this helps for those who find these question types challenging.

    The Rules of Management
    Rule #1: Do not delegate the functions of assessment, evaluation and nursing judgement. During your nursing education, you learned that assessment, evaluation and nursing judgement are the responsibility of the registered professional nurse. You cannot give this responsibility to someone else.
    Rule #2: This is not the real world. Do not make decisions regarding management of care issues based on decisions you may have observed during your clinical experience in the hospital or clinic setting. Remember, the NCLEX is ivory tower nursing. The answers to the questions are found in nursing testbooks or journals. Always ask yourself, "Is this textbook nursing care?"
    Rule #3: Delegate activities for stable patients with predictable outcomes. If the patient is unstable, or the outcome of an activity not assured, it should not be delegated.
    Rule #4: Delegate activities that involve standard, unchanged procedures. Activities that frequently reoccur in daily patient care can be delegated. Bathing, feeding, dressing and transferring patients are examples. Activities that are complex or complicated should not be delegated.
    Rule #5: Remember Priorities! Remember Maslow, the ABC's, and stable versus unstable when determining which patient the RN should attend to fist. Keep in mind that you can see only one patient or perform one activity when aswering questions that require you to establish priorities.


  • Apr 27 '08

    I started there 1 year ago and went through their 5 months of orientation out of nursing school. I has been a wealth of experience. I think I have seen and been a part of everything I have ever learned about in nursing school and THEN A WHOLE LOT MORE!!

  • Apr 21 '08

    Several of my classmates accepted positions at Barnes-Jewish after graduation. No complaints so far - and many are still working there. It's a huge facility that sees the sickest of the sick, so you will see and learn a ton. Good luck, and congrats on graduation!

  • Mar 26 '08

    I know it is tempting to look at this from an immediacy perspective. Look at the long term. 1. where do you want to work, aside from pay and benefits? The fact one hospital does not pay well until you are fully licensed should not be the deciding factor. That is a very short term solution to a long term situation.

    However, if you like the hospital that pays students and new grads well and you have no problem with changing jobs should the other hospital become more attractive to you later then go with that one.

  • Nov 14 '07

    Macrodantin low dose at noc used to be given as a URI prophy but not for stones. That's the best I can do.

  • Oct 9 '07

    have you looked at the various posts on the nclex discussion forum ( i'm sure this is discussed frequently there.

    i have a copy of saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-rn examination, 3rd edition, by linda anne silvestri which comes with a cd that has over 4000 questions on it. there are a lot of errors in the answers to the questions on the cd although the explanations of the answers to the questions are spot on. the book itself is a good review. however, there are others books on the market beside this one.