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    Quote from its_meee
    My first day of the nursing program starts on August 27th and I have not been able to purchase anything yet!! I take that back, I was able to order my nursing student name tag but the only reason I was able to do that was because it was only 5 dollars! We have a hard time making ends meet and any "extra" money (if there is such a thing) has been spent to get three of my four children their school nessesities.

    I have to wait for my student loans before I can buy my things and that money won't come until Aug 20th! That will give me a window of one week to purchase my books, uniforms, and supplies. I also need to buy shoes and some type of hand-held electronic device for nursing apps. Most students that I know are just going to use their smart phones but I think I'm the only person in this world that does not own a smart phone...the phone I currently use is an out-dated dumb-phone I plan on getting an I-Pad Touch, and I will only have one week to learn how to use it!

    I'm just stressing out a little, well stressing out a lot actually I'm worried that I won't be able to get it all done in such a short time. And of course, I'm super stressed about starting the nursing program! I feel like a time-bomb who may explode at any moment because I'm so stressed out!!

    (Here's my vent) My kids seem to fight constantly, my house is constantly messy, I don't get enough help from my husband with the kids/house, and I'm sick and tired of wondering how we will manage to make it until the next pay check. I need a vacation, but I can't afford it!! LOL I know that I'm not the only person that has these struggles, and I know that we will make it...we always do. It's just that sometimes I feel like running away and hiding under a big rock!! However, I realize that if I did find some big rock to hide under I wouldn't be able to hide out for very long.....who would feed them, wash their clothes/dishes, solve their arguements, and basically keep them alive? LOL A mother/wife/woman's work is NEVER ending! I would love to trade responsibilites with my husband for just 3 days...but then again, that would just make more work for me in the long-run because I would have to go back and fix everything that went wrong during those 3 days!

    WOW!!! this post really turned into a HUGE vent, but it helped...I feel better So, back to the topic at hand....I feel unprepared for the nursing program! LOL
    I start in sept and I feel really nervous .too

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    Quote from nursekis
    I got in! But now Im scared.... :/
    I am going to anamarc college for The LVN, is this s good school?

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    I am going to take the teas this June ? Any advice , I have taken the hesi already .

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    Oh I will be taking the teas in el paso tx.

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    I am going to take the teas on saturday. I am nervous , I have taken the hesi before , how is it different ? Any help will be appreciated