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    Thanks everyone for all of your feedback - I really appreciate it. The desire to go to school in Denver is purely motivated by location. I am married and don't have the flexibility to live outside of Denver with my husband's career opportunities there. But I really appreciate the insight based off of your own experiences. I look forward to starting pre-reqs in January and trying to figure out the best plan of action for me after that. It sounds like a long, hard journey, but a very worthwhile one.

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    I am a CO native and currently living in Chicago. I am planning on moving back to Denver this fall to pursue a BSN. I have a BA in English, (3.5 GPA) so with a varying number of pre-reqs, I understand I can apply for an accelerated BSN program at a variety of schools. (Schools I've checked out so far are Regis, CU Denver, and Metro.)

    I'm hoping for help with where to go to start taking pre-reqs. I figured I would start with Anatomy/Physiology since all accelerated BSN programs require these classes. I've looked at Arapahoe Community College and Community College of Denver - has anyone attended either of these two schools to complete pre-reqs? If so, can you please let me know your thoughts?

    Alternatively, if you can suggest any other schools to look at for pre-reqs, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    Secondly, I want to work while taking pre-reqs, if you did this, can you tell me what you did and how it worked with going to school? I've been working in the corporate world for 9 years, so this is all new to me and I am very interested in the experiences of others.

    Thank you kindly in advance! I'm very excited to pursue nursing and hope to start with pre-reqs in January of 2013!