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    Make sure you use all the time allowed! I panicked when I took the test and did not use all my time. I am retesting on the 31st. Do what was said above, study at least 2 hours a day. I also purchased the McGraws Hills. I feel that goes more in detail on the Science and explains math a lot easier than the TEAS manual does.

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    I took the TEAS V on Aug 3rd (after having my gallbladder taken out just 2 weeks before that) and I failed miserably. I was really close to passing, but you don't need that high of a score to get into this school. I do have the ATI TEAS study manual and Mcgraws Hills. I am retaking it Aug 31st and am so afraid to fail again. This is my last chance to get into the Jan '13 program with my friend. Any advice at all? I also have a 2 year old so its hard for me to study for a long time (she doesn't nap either!). My test consisted of hibernation in reading and a huge variety in the science section. Ranging from chemistry to DNA/RNA even anatomy. I think the last time I didn't take my time and freaked myself out. I ended up taking the test in 1.5 hours instead of the 4 hours given. Any advice about staying focused and not getting my nerves all worked up? Even the instructor said it was my nerves. She already has a seat picked out for me in the LPN program too!

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    Quote from guntus
    I have contacted practically every nursing school in Orange County and can not find a TEAS Prep Course. I know there are books, sample tests, etc. but I would really like an actually class with an instructor. Can someone please help me out??
    There was a free TEAS prep course at the school I will be attending. She did a placement test for all of us to see where we stood (Except science). The math she went over very well and I feel so confident in math (taking the test this friday 8/3). Before I felt that I would fail the Math altogether.

    The science all she did was read the lessons from the book. She couldn't even pronounce half the words! So I stopped going because I didn't want to waste 6 hours a week on something I can just read on my own.

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    Hey everyone! I am scheduled to take the exam on June 15th. I have taken a few practice tests online and always do horribly on the math/science portions. (failing each time). Its been 10 years since I have taken a math or science class. Are there a lot of word math problems? (exp: john ran 2 miles in 3.8 min and mary ran 3 miles in 4.7 min. at what mile marker will they meet?). If anyone could send me the pdf file of the book that would be greatly appreciative!