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    Hello All! I'm a RN and currently work as a substitute school nurse / Behavioral Support Staff (BSS) at a private school for kids who have behavioral or medical needs. Most of the kiddos there have behavioral issues or have been diagnosed with Autism.
    I have took over some of the Discrete Trial Instruction in the Life Skill Elementary room and now my supervisor would like me to train in Intensive Teaching.

    In other words I'm going more towards special education teaching.

    My Question is: What kind of jobs could I find with my RN degree/license and my training with teaching children with autism?
    At the moment I'm not making enough money to pay back my student loans and I do not feel any room to move up where I am at.

    Any thoughts?

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    I took mine yesterday.. my license showed on state board 24hours later

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    YES! the trick works even with the "old good pop up"! i got my official RN license number today!!

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    I just took my NCLEX RN today. 80questions.. I feel pretty good about it. I graduated in August 2012. So I waited 4months to take the exam! I did about a third of the ATI online review. And did about 300-400 questions on the ATI mobile app total in 4months. Haha I was very nervous... still am as I wait for results. I did the Pearson vue trick and got the "good pop up" so hope that is a good sign!

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    Quote from JuanabePHNurse
    I am from PA. I took the NCLEX-RN exam on Monday, October 22 at 10am. I completed 75 questions at 12pm when the exam stopped. Technically, you can pass OR fail at 75 questions and I thought my questions weren't getting difficult as others who have passed attested to. So, I was very pessimistic walking out of that testing center. Got home at 1pm and did the Pearson Vue Trick - did not get the credit card page. Instead, got this message: Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time. So okay, this was a kinda good sign, right? Went into a deep sleep after an early dinner...

    ...Woke up at 4am and checked to see if my name was on PA RN License Verification website on Tuesday, October 23. Nothing yet. Then re-checked at 7am. Still no results. Re-checked at 9am and finally had an official nursing license (number)!

    Thanks to the original writer of this blog and everyone else who shared their experiences
    OK so I may have got the answer to my previous question.! Thanks for your post. I will post back to let everyone know if my pop up "our records indicate you have recently registered this exam please contact ...." worked!

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    So I took the NCLEX RN today 80 questions. I got a lot of nutrition, select all that apply, and triage. I got the pop up that says...
    "Our records indicate you have recently registered this exam please contact..."
    Is this still good? I've noticed people get a pop up that actually says they have passed! That's cool, but what about this one?