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    Hi! Any ideas on getting REALLY cheap health insurance? I'm required to have it for my program and haven't been able to find anything under 200/month (I know that's not much, except when you're in nursing school!

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    I'm 48 and just finishing the second quarter of a three year program. I've worked in healthcare for 9 years as a phlebotomist and knew first hand how tough a job I'd have once I graduated - so I agree with the folks who are saying beware. Make sure you're energetic and have a good back! Also realize that you bring a wealth of wisdom to the table and, most likely, none of the crap that clouds your mind when you're younger.
    Just be ready to work really hard and be very very frustrated! This is NO walk in the park. I pretty much eat, sleep, dream, walk and talk nursing school. One of the best predictors of success is support at home. Believe me, you will not have time to clean house, shop or cook. Make sure you have someone to do all that for you. Your job will be to STUDY!
    Good luck, it's worth it!!